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Khaju Kermani's Tomb

Kamal al-Din Mahmud, by named Khaju Kermani, is one of the most famous poets of 14th-century Iran. He was born in Kerman in 1290 but left his hometown in his early youth to visit the most important cities of the Islamic world. He came to Shiraz during the rule of Abu Said, the Ilkhanid ruler, and died there at the age of 64. Khaju was an ardent follower of the Morshediyeh Sufi sect. Although he lived about 300 years after its founder, Sheikh Abu Eshaq Kazeruni, he praised the Sheikh greatly in his poems and held great esteem for the contemporary head of the Morshediyeh dervishes, Sheikh Amin al-Din Mohammad Kazeruni.

Toward the end of his life, Khaju sought refuge in a hermitage in a cave in Mount Baba Kuhi. There he was buried after his death in 1354. In 1937, the territory around the poet's grave was leveled and cleaned, and the grave itself was enclosed by the stone railings which had previously belonged to the Mausoleum of Hafez. The area was further rearranged in 1957, and several buildings were added here. Today they house a souvenir shop. Another souvenir shop has been created in a small cave beside the tomb - the same cave which served as a final shelter for the poet. A carved stone plate with a brief biography of Khaju and excerpts of his poems were added to the site in 1987.