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Soufi Restaurant

After visiting Afifabad Garden and Sattar Khan Garden and while you are immersed in their beauties, Sufi Restaurant is a good choice for dining to complete your nice day. This restaurant can be considered one of the oldest restaurants in Shiraz. It has been serving tourists and locals for about 20 years. This restaurant was established in 1982 with a capacity of 150 people and the architectural style of the Qajar period.
The Sufi restaurant changed its decor in 2004 to Zandieh style. Sash windows, brick facades, and traditional furniture showcase the restaurant's unique architecture. The menu of the Sufi restaurant is very diverse. A variety of Persian, Middle Eastern, and even Italian dishes are available in this restaurant. Hot and fresh bread and chicken kebabs, lamb, fish, cabbage pilaf, sugar pilaf, and vegetable soup are some of the dishes served at this restaurant.

Soufi Restaurant Shiraz