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Top 5 Kerman Hotels
Although Kerman is one of the most beautiful and important historical cities in Iran, which has very important historical monuments, in the field of tourism facilities like other tourist cities such as Isfahan - Shiraz, and Yazd has not been widely developed. However, there are several hotels that try to provide the best service to travelers. The following is a list of the top 5 hotels in the city based on the opinions of tourists and visitors. we would be very appreciative to have your opinion in this regard.

1- Akhavan Hotel Kerman
If you are going to find a 2-star hotel with the best services like a 3-star hotel Akhavan Hotel as a family hotel is the best choice. Easy access to public transportation and close to the historical sites is the best specification of this hotel that encourages you to select it.

2- Shahbaz Traditional Hotel
Shahbaz Traditional Hotel established in 2017. Shahbaz Traditional Hotel in the heart of Kerman has brought comfortable accommodation in a traditional and quiet atmosphere for its travelers. This traditional house/hotel, is a mix of modern facilities and traditional art that has twisted together to make a dreamy accommodation for Iran lovers.

3-Kerman Pars Hotel
If you are going to book an excellent hotel on Iran trip Pars 5 star hotel in Kerman city is the best one. offering a family-friendly environment alongside many helpful amenities designed to enhance your stay. As your “home away from home,” this hotel makes your dreams come true. A wide range of facilities and easy access to all parts of Kerman force you to book it as the first choice.

4- Bam 4- Star Hotel Bam Kerman
Are Looking for a good 4-star hotel close to Bam Citadel, Kerman?
One of the best options is the Bam Parsian Azadi Hotel located just 7 Km from this great monument in Janbazan Boulevard which is in the western part of the town.
The Parsian Bam Hotel, established in 1999 and renovated in 2003 in order to offer better services. The wonderful landscape of the hotel with green palm trees can be viewed from all rooms and suites.

5-Parsian Ghale Ganj Hotel Kerman
If you are looking for a new experience of staying in a desert hotel, this hotel will be the best and your top choice. Stay in a desert and wicker room with the best and newest facilities that provide you a dream stay.