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Top 10 in Kerman that you Cannot Miss! 

A useful guide to the best things to see and do in Kerman and around. Kerman, like other cities in Iran, has museums or closed places to display objects, but the beauties of Kerman are in nature and its architectural buildings will please you. In Kerman, get out of the closed molds and museums, immerse yourself in its harsh and rough nature and enjoy this natural violence that you may not find the beauty of violence anymore.
Although, Kerman is not as, like Isfahan and Shiraz, a visit to Kerman gives travelers the opportunity to see real life in Iran play out. Never miss the Lut Desert UNESCO Site which is your trump card for a trip to Kerman. A strange trip to the land of the sands and the hottest spot in the world. Visiting the Kalouts, which are the skyscrapers of the desert and will be your main drawcard.

You can watch them at sunrise or sunset due to the changing color. you can’t visit Kerman without making the trip out there. Here the hospitable people have a positive interaction with tourists and You won't feel so strange. You won’t get hassled by touts here, but instead, find some of the friendliest people in Iran who are glad you have come to explore the wonders of their regions. Allow a least three nights to experience all the highlights of Kerman and its surrounding area – trust me, you won’t be desperate!

Kaluts   Lut Desert Kerman

1. Kaluts / Lut Desert

Neither the beginning nor the end matters, a trip out to the Lut Desert UNESCO Site is important. You go to the most famous Iran desert to see the eerily barren wasteland which is an absolute must on your trip. The sunrise or sunset is the best time to visit the Kalouts. They change their color dramatically and can take the best selfies photos. you can’t visit Kerman without making the trip out there. Be careful in the Lut Desert it is a desert area with its own specification. For a better and safe trip contact your tour operators.    

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Kerman Bazar

2. Bazar

Kerman’s Grand Bazaar is one of the longest Bazaars in Iran. It is one of the oldest Bazaars in Iran (after the UNESCO listed Bazaar in Tabriz). 1.5 km covered bazaar with vaulted ceilings that its architectural beauties will attract and immerse you. Many places in this market will surprise you. So don't forget your camera. The friendly booth owners won't mind a photo! spend your time at the Kerman Copper Bazaar and look for the Public Baths Museum if you have extra time (or just stop by the Hamam-e Vakil Chaykhaneh Restaurant for a tea which is also built in a former public bath!).

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Bam Citadel

3-Bam Citadel

One of the most beautiful castles in Iran along the Lout Desert, unfortunately at the 2003 earthquake hit hard. But it still has kept its grandeur and will surely amaze you. The largest brick and mud castle in the world that has been residential up to the last 70 years. A castle with Achaemenid and Sassanid roots and one of the most important buildings along the Silk Road. It is recorded in the stories of Marco Polo, a famous Venetian merchant.

Visit Bam & Mahan in 2 Days

Shazdeh Mahan Garden

4-Shazdeh Mahan Garden
A Persian garden lay in the heart of the desert. It is like a beautiful mirage raised from the dry desert of Kerman. Tall trees and a permanent Qanat inside the wall of the garden invite visitors to a Persian Paradise. A UNESCO World Heritage site just 30 minutes south of Kerman. The Shazdeh Mahan lay on the way to Shahdad and Lout desert. A lush mirage and mansion on return from the Lut Desert and a pleasant rest in a garden with dense trees. An afternoon break with a cup of tea in the garden tea house will bring unforgettable pleasure.

Shah Ne’matollah Vali in Mahan

5-Shah Ne’matollah Vali in Mahan
A cozy shrine in a corner of the city, it is one of the most important Sufi shrines in Iran. The famous Iranian poet and Sufi died in the 14th century. Iran is a country that loves and respects its poets. The people of Iran speak poetically and remember them well. Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine is a creditable mausoleum for Sufism followers who respect him. A monument with a great turquoise dome, and Safavid and Qajar dynasty decoration will amaze you.

Rayen Fortress

6-Rayen Fortress
Not quite as impressive as Bam Fortress, but significantly closer. Rayen is only an hour away from Kerman and gives an opportunity to experience one of Iran’s most impressive fortresses (without Earthquake damage). A beautiful and impressive castle with all the features of Iranian castles that can lead you to the depths of Iranian history. With lots of dark and narrow passages, different big and small rooms, and deep history - there is no reason not to visit Rayen and Bam from Kerman on a day trip!

Coffee Shops of Kerman

7-Coffee Shops of Kerman

Kerman is the city of yummy things. Some cookies of Kerman are very delicious and enjoyable while you drink with tea or coffee. Although not having the diversity of delicious cafes that can be found in almost every corner of Tehran these days, Kerman still joins the national trend and many new trendy cafes have opened their doors, embracing the love of the West for caffeine.
Filled with college students, free thinkers, and plenty of people who would love to chat - Visitors to Kerman shouldn't pass up the opportunity to experience this new and exciting trend in Iranian life which has only been allowed in recent years. For the best experience, with great coffee and beautiful design, try Cafe Tehran, Sefareshi, Barista, or Bozrag (although the latter is more of a big Starbucks).

Kerman Traditional Restaurants
8-Kerman Traditional Restaurants

To better understand the culture of a country, one should try its food. Food is a part of the history of any nation that manifests itself in the form of shape - color - smell and taste. Many restaurants in Kerman will invite you to a party of the color and taste of their food. Cheaper and simpler than Tehran or other tourist towns in Iran - and just as good, Kerman is the perfect place to let your taste buds experience the local flavors and spices. Most of the places here are in nice, low-cost spaces. But if you are looking for luxury restaurants, choose one from the list below.

Fath Abad Garden

9-Fath Abad Garden
Claimed to have been one of the most beautiful gardens in Persia, the Garden of Fath Abad has until recently suffered from years of neglect - many of its trees withered and died and has just been beautifully restored, bringing back something of its former glory. An important historical site from the Qajar period (built-in 1870), it is famous for its long pond of reflection and ornate architecture. Surrounded by pistachio gardens, the Fath Abad Garden in Kerman is best visited at sunset to appreciate its changing colors and the beautifully realized nighttime illuminations that will take your breath away.

Traditional Houses and Hotels Kerman
10- Traditional Houses/Hotels

The experience of living in a 200-year-old house with traditional decorations and traditional ambiance is not available everywhere. If you want to have a comfortable, memorable, and historical stay and experience a hotel with modern facilities, Kerman Houses/Hotels can be your best experience. "Two birds with one stone"
Not only a hotel with modern and new equipment but also traditional and historical decorations belonging to 100 to 200 years ago. Immerse yourself in this ancient history and enjoy your stay.