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Manouchehri House Restaurant

The historical houses of Kashan are very famous. Manouchehri House is one of these historical houses that is used as a hotel, or restaurant. Manouchehri House Restaurant is the best and most luxurious restaurant in Kashan. This restaurant is located in a part of the house that used to be used for important Manouchehri guests. Dome-shaped high ceilings with wooden windows and stained glass dazzle every viewer.
In addition to the historical and beautiful atmosphere, this restaurant offers a complete menu of traditional and Persian food. In addition, the easy and convenient access of this house to the historical bazaar of Kashan will make you interested in visiting this beautiful bazaar. At this restaurant you kill two birds with one stone, you not only visit a historical house with original & traditional decorations and Iranian elements but also can taste the best Iranian local dishes.
Try one of the best restaurants in Kashan.