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Ameriha House

This house is another example of multiple structures, which constitute numerous parts of one integrated complex. This house is older than the other mansions of Kashan, dating from the Zand and early Qajar periods. The house overwhelms with the opulence of its decorations. This is not surprising, for Ameri, its owner, was one of the most affluent persons in the history of Kashan.

The story goes that during the Iranian-British war in Afghanistan, Mohammad Shah Qajar asked Ameri for help in providing camels for the army. In reply, Ameri promised to provide camels in the amount of the camel gear that would be sent to him. It is said that there were more camels in Ameri's stables than there was camel gear in the country. Another story connected with this building says that once Ameri was taking a nap beside his pool. The construction of the mansion was still underway, and a decorator was working on the ornamentation of the building. As he worked, he murmured a song that said that whatever we build in this world, we leave a legacy for strangers. Ameri overheard the song and decided that it should not come true in his case. He told the decorator to quit work, and as a result, a corner of one of the porticos remained unfinished.

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Two bathhouses are a distinguishing feature of the house. The larger one was allocated to family members, but also once a week could be opened to the street for the use of the local populace. The smaller bathhouse was used by pregnant women and had low steps especially designed to prevent these ladies from slipping and falling.

This grand monument and the traditional house were transformed into a 5-star hotel in 1999. With the aim of restoring the local culture and historical sites of Kashan, Ameriha House was entrusted to a competent and experienced team for the restoration. Result of great care and attention has been brought to the restoration of this priceless house based on its original layout and designs and the restoration project was finally completed in 2014.

Now, with 38 rooms, 2 different traditional restaurants, a café, and a gallery, Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel offers you a wonderful and unforgettable stay in Kashan, the pearl of the desert.