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The best hotels close to Naghsh e Jahan Sq

Among all Isfahan historical sites, Naghsh e Jahan Sq is a unique place with a collection of the best Safavid architectural monuments. This magnificent sq is like a gem that is decorated by the best royal palaces, tiled work mosques, and other historical sites. If you have a short time and would like to visit the best Esfahan monuments, this is the best place. There are various hotels with different services around Naghsh e Jahan sq. If you are going to save your transportation cost these hotels can help you well.

You can select one of these hotels.

5-star Hotel: Abbassi Hotel(1000m)
4-star Hotel:  Safir Hotel(1000m)- Piroozy Hotel (1100m)- Sepahan Hotel (1100m),
3-star Hotel: Star Hotel(750m), Safavi Hotel(1000 M), Zende Rood Hotel (2000m), Venous Hotel (1000m),
Traditional Hotels: Keryas Traditional Hotel (600m),Shahsavaran Hotel (1300m),Ghasr Monshi Boutique Hotel(1300m),Hatef Traditional Hostel (1000m),Golara Traditional Hotel (1200m),
Gonbad mina Hotel (600m),
The closest Hotels: Partikan 2-Hotel(160m), Jaam Firouzeh 1-star hotel (120m),

5-star Hotel
Abbassi Hotel

The most beautiful and oldest hotel in the Middle East and maybe all over the world is Abbassi Hotel. If you travel to Isfahan this hotel is a must-see, one of the most beautiful historical sites and also the unique hotel in this city. One of the highly recommended hotels by passengers and you can see Isfahan's history and architecture simoultaintly. It is not just a hotel, it is a treasury of the architectural art and unique subtlety of the Isfahanian artists, a museum of the most original and most beautiful pieces of art. More than 150 Isfahanian artists have tried to make this magnificent work a historic and magnificent place.

5-star Hotels in Isfahan

4-star Hotel
Safir Hotel

If you are going to find a hotel with nice specifications, a Nice location, standard facilities, easy access, and professional staff Safir 4-star Hotel is the very hotel that you are searching for. Relax with modern architecture and facilities. Simultaneously, sink yourself into Isfahan's deep history. This hotel is located in the heart of Esfahan in 1992. The hotel is renovated recently and equipped with finely designed and decorated rooms and suites.
Safir accommodates all guests in comfortable rooms which are fully equipped with central air conditioning, a variety of satellite channels, Wifi Internet, safety deposit boxes, 24-hour room service, laundry facilities, and all necessary amenities. The outstanding conference hall, swimming pool, sauna, and traditional Iranian bath, with their attractive design, add a luxurious atmosphere to the hotel. Safir's restaurant offers a self-service buffet breakfast and serves  Persian and intercontinental cuisines. The cozy, welcoming coffee shop is located in the lobby and provides light snacks, and cakes, with hot and cold drinks 24/7.

4-star Hotels in Isfahan

Piroozy Hotel

A great 4-star hotel in the heart of the city center of Isfahan in a historical and lively area within a short walk of distance to major historical sites. If the location of the hotel matters, we recommend the Piroozy Hotel. This hotel is the right choice for visitors who are searching for a combination of charm, peace, and comfort. You can walk on Chahar Bagh historical Boulevard and talk with the people and enjoy their hospitality.

Sepahan Hotel

The Sepahan Hotel is one of the first standardized 4-star hotels located in the historical center of Isfahan. It is close to major attractions such as the splendid Naghsh-e Jahan Square, Imam Mosque, and Chehel Sotun Palace. The hotel offers guests pleasant moments in rooms and suites that are well equipped at an economical price plus a restaurant and a traditional tea room serving delicious food and drinks in a comfortable atmosphere. The hotel's exciting advantage is its outdoor area on the fourth floor, where guests can enjoy breathtaking views of Isfahan's marvelous historical monuments.

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3-star Hotel
Setare Hotel

The nearest hotel to Naghsh e Jahan Square. A memorable stay at the nearest hotel to the historic sites of Isfahan. You can easily visit this beautiful square at any time. its unique location will let you visit all the main historical sites at Naghsh e Jahan sq and around by walking and save your valuable time. It is a 3-star hotel that provides all the basic amenities and also has a positive point of view for the traveler. It is known for its cleanliness, comfort, and pocket-friendly nature.

3-star Hotels in Isfahan

Safavi Hotel

A hotel built on the basis of original and traditional Iranian architecture with special elements of Safavid architecture. This hotel was built in 2007 and renovated in 2016. It is a combination of tradition and modernism and you can feel the hospitality of Iran here. Safavi Hotel is in the heart of the capital of ancient Persia, Isfahan. So you can easily access the main sightseeing and shopping centers.

Zenderood Hotel

A 3-star hotel in the city center of Isfahan, with suitable facilities and different services and amenities for Isfahan's travelers. Easy access to some of Isfahan's most famous tourist attractions is the most important feature of the Zenderood Hotel. Naghsh e Jahan Square, Khaju Bridge, Si-o-Se Pol, Imam Ali Square, and Hasht Behesht Palace are some of these places. In addition, the proximity of the Isfahan International Exhibition Center and medical centers make it a hotel worthy of business tourism and health tourism.

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Venus Hotel

If the location and price of the hotel are the important factors to choose from, this is the hotel you are looking for. Quick and easy access to the most important landmarks and historical sites of Isfahan, New buildings, Modern facilities, and traditional decoration are the most important features of this 3-star hotel. Hence, this would help you save your precious time. It is located in the city center between 9th and 10th Alley, Amadgah Street.

Traditional Hotels

Keryas Traditional Hotel
Traditional houses in Isfahan are like a piece of gem that still retains their splendor and glory over the centuries. The Keryas hotel is one of the unique old houses from the Qajar era that is renovated and has changed into a boutique hotel.

Would you like to feel the Qajary lifestyle?
Would you like to accommodate one night like a king? This is your palace.
This hotel has the lowest distance to the Safavid Royal Complex.
Therefore you can visit all the main historical sites in 10 minutes.
This 200-year-old building is like a gem of Qajary architecture that remains to better recognition of their art. The hotel is divided into different traditional rooms with amazing decorations that narrate their own old stories. Three doors (A Sedari), five doors (A Panjdari), a yard, an azure dock, and a unique roof.

Traditional Hotels in Isfahan

Shahsavaran Hotel

If you are eager to stay at a very luxurious traditional hotel to feel the real Iranian traditional houses this is the very hotel that you are searching for. One of the most beautiful hotels with an informal atmosphere in a beautiful courtyard, rooms in the traditional style, and friendly hosts. The hotel is situated very conveniently for visiting Isfahan historical sites easily. A great boutique hotel with 11 rooms in different styles, forms, and decorations that can make your dreams come true.

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Ghasre Monshi Hotel

Staying like a king at an old great fantastic house that recently turned into a House/Hotel. Ghasr e Monshi Hotel (100 years old) is one of the few palaces that belonged to king Fathali from the Qajar dynasty. The location of this hotel is perfect for those who want to discover the city on their foot and enjoy the atmosphere of the city. Also, numerous tourist attractions of Isfahan are in your vicinity. The alley around the hotel will lead you to the Naghsh e Jahan sq, easily, and can find Isfahani artists who present their elegant and beautiful handicrafts. Here is one of the best places in Isfahan to buy souvenirs such as Mina Kari, Firoozeh Kobi, and so on.

Hatef House/ Hotel

A 120-year-old traditional House/Hotel with the aim of reviving historic houses with different Iranian architectural elements like a blue pool and fish inside it, Thatched walls, and a green yard with various trees and flowers around it will invite you for dreamy accommodation. The Hatef 120 years old traditional House/Hotel is a memorial to Pahlavi architecture. This house is renovated and restored in 1397 with the aim of reviving historic houses. The beautiful courtyard of this house is decorated like all Iranian houses with a pool and fish inside it and various flowers around it and you can enjoy the beauty of this house while you are drinking a cup of Persian tea with your family and friends.

Golara Traditional Hotel

A cozy hotel close to Isfahan's historical sites belonging to 150 years ago is the same place that you are searching for. A Qajar era monument but fully renovated recently and is changed to one of the nice and beautiful boutique hotels with high quality and services. This hotel is a little gem next to the Gheisarieh bazaar and in the vicinity of Naqsh e Jahan Square. Big spacious rooms with comfortable beds, hot water all day, and a very good breakfast.

Gonbade Mina Hotel

If you like to stay in a newly built but old-style hotel, you are in the best place. This hotel, which is completely built in traditional style, has prepared an unforgettable stay for you with 13 rooms and original and traditional Iranian decorations. The short distance of this hotel from the most important historical monuments of Isfahan in Naqsh Jahan Square is the most important feature of this newly built hotel. Enjoy the pleasure of hiking in the ancient history of Isfahan by walking in this old area.

The closest Hotel
The Partikan Hotel

It is the only hotel in Isfahan located in the historic setting of Isfahan and designed in the traditional Persian style. It is a two-star hotel, which opened in 2008. This unique hotel has fifteen rooms including single and double rooms and is ready to provide passengers and guests with the best facilities and experienced staff. Partikan Hotel is close to historical and tourist sites such as Si-o-Se pol, Khaju Bridge, Naqsh-e Jahan Square, and Zayanderud River.

Jaam Firouzeh Hotel
If you are looking for a well-located hotel within walking distance, this one-star hotel is the best. This hotel is located in the southern part of Naghshe Jahan Square. The 1-star Jaam Firouzeh Hotel is close to many historical sites. It is close to Hasht Behesht Palace, Chehel Sotoun, Assar Khaneh Shahi, Atigh Jame Mosque, Si-o-Seh Pol, and Khaju Bridge. This hotel was built in 2017. It is a 3-story building and has 15 rooms with 40 beds.