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Azadegan Cafe
Tea has a deep and rooted culture in Iran. This magical drink in Iran can lead you into the depths of Iranian culture and intense friendship. sometimes you are invited to have tea in a shop or at home. This is the same Iranian hospitality culture that fascinates every tourist. Never miss this opportunity. Repeated and regular city tours in Isfahan can be overwhelming. Sometimes you need a cozy place to relax and stay away from repetitive questions and curious looks.

Azadegan Cafe

Ready to drink coffee or tea and just want to relax? Then head to one of these cafes for a good coffee or tea!
The best places to give you a cup of tea in a historic and pleasant atmosphere are the cafes around the Naghsh e Jahan square. If you are going to search for a unique teahouse with bizarre decoration it is worth looking for. You can drink a cup of tea and enjoy Iranian Dizzy which is the most common dish in Iran. The mix of locals and tourists makes for great people watching.
In a lane off the northeastern corner of Naqsh-e Jahan (Imam) Sq, this popular teahouse sports an enormous collection of bric-a-brac hanging from its walls and ceiling. Enter down the passageway lined with scooters, lamps and old radios.