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The Iran Eco-tourism resort, Experience a different residence

Ecotourism is one of the new models in tourism industry, which has attracted the attention of many tourists and tourism industry managers. This style of tourism, which is also known as sustainable tourism, means returning to nature and using more natural elements in tourism and travel. In such trips, you will travel to rural and local areas with minimal damage and negative impact on the environment.
During this trip, you will not only stay in these local and roral places but also try to live like them, In this style of travel, you enjoy more. The tourists have a responsibility to the environment and should strive to preserve the region's biological and cultural model.

Eco-Tourism Accommodation in Iran

What is Eco-Tourism Accommodation?
These places are built or renovated for travelers who are interested in maintaining the environment's features. These residences are usually managed by local people for a better social and cultural relationship. The decorations and their structure reflect the characteristics of the same area. All the tourist services in these places are traditional and under their culture and customs.
These Eco-Tourism Accommodation (Eco Lodges ) are not just a place to stay. You can do more social activities in these places, which makes them different from hotels. The travelers will have good memories without urban problems.

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Specifications of an Eco-Tourism Accommodation
These locations have different features and specifications due to their geographic location, culture, and customs.

Iran Eco Lodges and characteristics

Iran Eco Lodges have the following characteristics

1- Native design

The traditional structure of villages is one of the most important factors for tourist attraction. The villages' architecture represents a part of their culture that the tourists will face on arrival. Wooden houses in northern Iran, Stone houses in the west as well as mud houses in the center represent the rich and diverse culture of rural architecture. This type of tourism not only protects the traditional architecture but also prevents the migration of villagers.

2- Hosts

The local hosts would be the best people who can introduce the native culture. They are wearing traditional clothes and answer all your questions about the traditions. In these places, the hosts and guests spend more time together. But the hotels are very formal in their relation. You can participate in their daily experiences.

3-Food and drinks

The delicious part of these residences is food and drinks that attract a lot of people. You can enjoy your food in a traditional village with a great location and climate. During summer you can enjoy eating under the tall huge trees on the stone-paved yard, local dishes, very reasonable prices, and very good service.
Here the local chefs and in more times ladies will cook local bread and food for you. You have the chance to start the morning with the smell of fresh bread and finish the night with millions of stars in the sky.

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4- Attention to the environment

Eco-Tourism Accommodation is a way to reduce tourism damage to the environment. They have a very important role in the environment sustaining. They are trying to keep the surroundings with the rules of the environment. The most important actions are:
Waste Management.
Saving Water.
Correct use of energy.
Saving electric.

5- Decoration

When we enter an Eco-Tourism Accommodation,  must understand the ecotourism feeling. This feeling can transfer you by the decorations, architecture, and also the hosts. Traditional Iranian homes decorated with very simple architectural elements: Colored windows, Wooden decorated doors, Colorful carpets, Traditional and Handmade felt, all these elements Inspire the Iranian village culture.

6- Attention to native ceremonies

In each community, there are local and special ceremonies. Some of these events are limited to a village or a neighborhood. But some held in a wider range such as cities or provinces. The Eco-Tourism houses hold the traditional ceremonies and keep alive them. Doing these events not only preserve local culture but also the tourists become familiar with these local cultures. Local dances, music, traditional games, and thanksgiving ceremonies are different events that can be done there.

7- Health and welfare services

The local hosts should be more like a home and the hosts like members of a family. Here’s how to live like a local. Some of these houses have a private bathroom and washbasin, but some have only the traditional structure. Most of these homes are equipped with mattresses and pillows, but some are also equipped with beds.

8- Costs

Accommodation in these homes is much cheaper than the expensive hotels. You pay the low cost with fewer services than the hotels, but you have the opportunity to learn more.

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9- Local Guides

The Local guides explore unique destinations, focusing on culture, background, beauty, and sheer awesomeness. Subjects that get nearly equal levels of obsession include, but are not limited to, anything outdoors, anything that can be eaten, art, history, and architecture. Local Guides share photos, reviews, and info that helps millions of people around the world. Thus the local guides can help you with a better trip.

10- First aid and medical services

Most Ecotourism Accommodations are located in natural surroundings and away from urban centers. But that does not mean that there are no health centers. Near all these centers, a variety of medical services are provided.

Why should select Ecotourism Accommodations?

Why should select Ecotourism Accommodations?
   - low cost of the stay.
   - Supporting the local economy.
  - Helping to develop local communities.
   - Familiarity with the culture of the host community.
  - Keeping the environment and reducing damage to it.
  - Stay in the local space and get acquainted with it.
   - Stay in a collective space and opportunity to share the information and experiences.

Why should trust Ecotourism Accommodations?

Why should trust Ecotourism Accommodations?
All these residential centers are under the control of the Iranian Tourism Organization with a specific license.  All periodic inspections are carried out.

Iran Ecotourism residences
If you are planning a trip to Iran. You can stay in these residences in villages or small towns. They are scattered all over Iran. These centers have 3 different types of facilities and service quality and are divided into grades 1, 2, and 3. The rules of the resort are like hotels And defined under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.