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Moshir al Mamalek, The first Iran Garden Hotel

This historical garden, which is the first Iran garden hotel with its traditional architecture, shows the architectural style of Iranian gardens in the desert city of Yazd. Moshir al Mamalek hotel is Set in a charming Qajar-style Persian landscape garden with water fountain systems and trees. This garden with different natural specifications like small streams all over the garden, different tall trees, and natural Qanat, also traditional architectural's features like an old monument with original decoration attract all passengers. Moshir Al Mamalek Garden Hotel is a traditional garden that complements ancient Iranian architecture in the beautiful desert city of Yazd. The vaulted and domed ceilings, murals, and tiles are carefully decorated in keeping with the traditional style and history of the building. The rooms are decorated in a local style with antique and traditional furniture. The gardens offer many secluded areas for relaxation, including a café, outdoor seating, and benches, scattered in the surrounding greenery.

The garden is an allegory of paradise in Iranian culture
The Paradise with tall trees, water fountains, large pools of water, and luxury palaces is a full-scale example of a luxurious, comfortable life, and rewards good deeds that are promised to the righteous believers. In Iran's desert cities, water and trees have a very special place. The presence of water and the tree create a paradise that amazes all visitors. The Moshir Garden with an area of 13,000 square meters remains from the Qajar period that is an earthly paradise in Yazd. This historic garden is renovated into one of the top 4* hotels in Yazd.
The specifications of this hotel have made it outstanding among travelers.
- Recognizing Iran's garden culture.
- Getting to know about the Iranian gardens' architecture
- A better understanding of Iranian architecture especially the architecture of Yazd city, and finally an unforgettable accommodation at this historical hotel garden.
This historic garden has all the facilities of modern and new hotels.

Moshir al-Mamalek Hotel,  traditional restaurant

The Moshir al Mamalek Garden Hotel is a historical garden remaining from the Qajar dynasty. Due to its unique specifications, is distinguished from other hotels. It helps guests of the hotel to experience the Iranian style of life in the past. The specification of the garden's architecture as, streams, tall trees, fountains old buildings, and rooms have made it an attractive place to stay. Two red and blue African parrots and two men, one robust and the other short, dressed in old clothes including turban and hat, etc., are among the fixed characteristics of the hotel which attract most customers when they enter the hotel. you can find different Iranian handicrafts at the shop of the hotel.
The unique Desert (Kavir) architecture and traditional room style are clearly visible in the garden. the hotel lobby with its traditional architecture is making a great place for relaxation and meditation. The garden has been designed with several paths that connect the yard to the bedroom area and also the yard of the garden is covered with tall trees like a natural sunshade.

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Moshir al-Mamalek Hotel, Yard with traditional beds

Moshir al-Mamalek Hotel Room Facilities
Each room has garden views, Wi-Fi access, satellite TV, a safe box, IPTV, and a bathroom. You will love all the details of the room, including the decorated ceiling, the finely worked walls, and the magnificent carpet. Each piece of furniture is a work of art.

General Amenities
The hotel offers delectable Persian cuisine.  Each restaurant has unique decorations and paintings on the wall. The ceilings are decorated and there is traditional architecture everywhere you look. The restaurants include the Majd French Restaurant, Yazd Restaurant, Garden Restaurant, and Naqashi Restaurant.

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