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Abbassi Hotel is the oldest one in the world

It's a place like no other.
Iran's journey is not complete without the Isfahan tour. Esfahan is the most important tourist city in Iran. All tourists will visit this city. One of the eldest famous hotels in Isfahan is the Abbasi Hotel. This hotel is located close to the most famous and most important historical sites. The mosque of Shah's mother, Hasht Behesht Palace, and also the Imam sq are the most famous of them.
Abbasi Hotel or Abbasi Caravanserai is the oldest Caravanserai in Isfahan. It was built during the Safavid period (11th century) to accommodate the commercial groups.
at the Safavid period, Isfahan was the most important commercial center of Iran. With the prosperity of Iran's economy during the Safavid era,
the construction of public buildings such as the bazaar, bridge, dam, water storage, pigeon tower, mosque, and school popularized, but the most famous buildings of that period are the caravansaries complex. Caravansaries were not only a place for Caravans, passengers, and loading the merchandise but also was an ideal place for storing the goods.
The complex provided shelter not only for traders but also for the camels and horses they used to help transport their goods. If you are planning to visit Isfahan, Abbasi Hotel will be one of your destinations. Abbasi Hotel has 225 rooms and suites including standard single and double rooms, There are different room Types in hotels. New rooms were added in the recent year and some rooms around the main courtyard. The new ones are standard rooms with the new design. But the old rooms around the yard are the old ones with the original decoration of the Safavid era.
All rooms are equipped with safety systems and constructed based on international hotel standards. The turquoise dome of Chaharbagh School creates a marvelous view from garden-side rooms. Some suites have theĀ  Qajar and Safavid interior design which are unique at this hotel. Magnificent restaurants, a traditional dining room, and a well-equipped coffee shop provide the guests with a variety of food and beverages, as well as a unique incomparable atmosphere to enjoy. undoubtedly, one of the most glorious parts of this hotel is the yard, which can be considered as one of the samples of the "Persian Garden".

Abbassi Hotel the oldest one in the world