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Top destinations for first-time in Iran

Iran with a huge amount of tourist sites, ancient ruins, fabulously dreamy palaces, mesmerizing deserts, dizzying mountain scenery, and the most hospitable people undoubtedly be one of the most memorable experiences of an eastern trip. Plan your journey around these top destinations.


Esfahan the Persian Florence
It seems that Isfahan has something in itself that amazes all the tourists. The most beautiful mosques, great Safavid palaces, historical bridges over Zayand e Rood, Naghsh e Jahan sq with colorful craft shops around, masterpiece tiled works, tree-lined boulevards, deliver this city as a living museum of traditional culture. The Shah mosque or Jame Abbasi Mosque is covered in vibrant blue tile mosaics and an absolute masterpiece of Safavid-era architecture.
The Ali Qhapoo palace, as the gem of Safavid architect at Naghsh e Jahan sq with six-story, elevated terrace, throne room featuring original decoration, and a top-floor music room with stucco walls has plenty to explore. Discover the glories of the ancient capital of Persia as you slowly cross the historic bridges of the Zayandeh River at sunset - there is a wonderful social scene along the riverbanks, especially on Fridays when families are boating, take a walk, and have a picnic in this picturesque setting.

Top 10 things to do in Esfahan


The great Persepolis complex embodies the heyday ancient grandeur of the Achaemenian Empire. This complex with its monumental staircases, exquisite reliefs, imposing gateways, and different palaces became the ceremonial capital at the heart of an enormous empire, a showcase designed to awe visitors with its scale and beauty.  

15 stunning features of Persepolis history

In its heyday, Persepolis was the capital of the greatest empire stretched from the Indus River to Ethiopia. The Apadana Palace is the high-lite of all, with evocative bas-reliefs along the northern wall showing scenes of past splendor. Parsa was the original name of this city, and it only acquired its Greek name of Persepolis - which means both City of Parsa (City of Persia) and Destroyer of Cities - only after the army of Alexander the Great sacked the city in 330 BC.


The first capital of the Safavid dynasty and one of the main destinations on the way of the Silk Road. The greatest covered Bazaar of Iran with different colorful shops and handicrafts where you can find the best hand-made Iranian carpets. Its great Bazaar expanded to over 7 km² with numerous old caravanserais and impressive Timchehs (halls) and is the perfect place to haggle for honey, rugs, spices, and countless other souvenirs. Once a major trading station on the Silk Road, the bazaar is worth a visit even if you don't plan to buy anything - the intensity of the smells, colors, noise, and bustle is more than enough for an experience.

Alborz Mountains

If you are going to searching a great place for hiking, skiing, or even admiring, you couldn't ask for a more perfect setting than Alborz Mountains. The fabled Alamut Valley landscapes with the ruined Assassin fortresses dotting the hills, beautiful views, and breathtaking elevations, Tochal, Shemshek, and Dizin resorts are the best for those who are searching for history, nature, or high Adrenalin in their blood.

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Religious Tours

Mashhad is the most important holy city for Muslims after Meca. A massive holy complex commemorating the martyrdom of Shiite Islam’s eighth Imam, Reza. This holy place is not only a collection of religious buildings but also includes an artistic collection of the most beautiful Islamic-Iranian arts that present themselves in various architectural forms such as mirror work, plastering, metalwork, and tiling in the best possible way.

Pilgrimage Tours

Top 10 Iran's attractive desert eco-camps
Iran Deserts

If you are going to find a calm place with millions of tons of golden sand, a pleasant sunrise, a hot day, a dreamy sunset, and a dark night with starry sky, Iran's Desert is calling you. Garmeh village and desert, close to Semnan city is the oasis village of your dreams. An old castle twisted tall date palms, and the sound of narrow streams attracts you for one night and stay four. Think about a real simple lifestyle with beds on the floor, basic bathrooms, local & fresh delicious home-cooked food, and endless horizons just outside your door.

Maranjab one day desert tour

Start your desert from Isfahan, and hire your vehicle to Toudeshk for a night and a morning in the shifting sands of the Varzaneh Desert. Continue your way to the Tabas area and enjoy the mesmerizing beauties of Khor and Biyabank or Choopanan desert village. Yazd, the bride of the desert, with a belt of rippling sand dunes is a popular spot to watch the sunset across the desert landscape. Stay at Zeyn ol Din Carevanseray, where can make your dreams come true. As the colors of the pink-hued mountains beyond intensify with the last of the sun's rays, the shadows of the dunes are thrown into sharp relief, making for the perfect photo opportunity.