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Tang e Kafari, Iran Phuket

If you are a nature lover or eco-traveler and eager to visit the pristine and untouched natural places of Iran, Tang Kafri or Kafri Valley is one of the most beautiful natural tourism destinations. The vast and diverse nature of Iran has unique beauties to enchant nature-loving tourists. The beautiful and untouched nature of Ilam will surprise every viewer with a wide range of beautiful natural wonders.

Tang e Kafari The glory of beauty

Tang e Kafari is one of the beauties of Zagros, which is located behind Seymareh Dam in a mountainous region between Kabirkuh, Dinarkuh, and Manesht mountains. These heights are among the reasons for the formation of this strait and other beauties of Ilam. The river that flows in Tang-e Kafari originates from the soaring stable mountains of Kabirkuh, which, after passing through Kafari, reaches the famous Seymareh River. This river together with the springs forms the strait.

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What to see in Tang e Kafari, Iran's Phuket

What to see

Tang e Kafari is also known as Tang e Kafarin and Tang-e Shaddad. The length of this dream strait is 2 km, which is located at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, and with its stunning views of the river and Seymareh Dam, it is one of the most popular places in Badra. Persian squirrel or Caucasian squirrel is a 'specific to Tang-e Kafari special species of animal. This squirrel is native to areas including the broad-leaved forests of the Caucasus, Anatolia, the Eastern Mediterranean, and the Zagros; which are also native to this strait. The hair color of the back of this squirrel is brownish gray, its underside is yellow, and its hair and the back of its tail are fawn red. The red head and tail of the Persian squirrel is a feature that distinguishes this mammal from other squirrels in Iran. Of course, as we move from the forests of the northern Zagros to the south, the color of this animal changes and gets closer to beige. Tang e Kafari is full of miracles and wonders and the beauties of nature can be seen as far as the eye can catch.

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Persian squirrel,

Mythical oak forests, which are safe havens for animals such as the Persian squirrel, Kafarin waterfall, and numerous caves such as Shaddad cave, are other spectacular manifestations of this strait. Along with the spectacular nature of this place, history, and the past are also displayed in this strait and show the cultural and historical richness of Tang-e Kafari to the visitors. Remains of architecture and antiquities and the Jaber shrine include other striking features of the strait. The river flow inside the Tang-e Kafari offers boats to cross the strait drowning in the spectacular beauties of nature. The main entertainment in this strait is boating and there are several boats for tourists to experience fun by visiting the place. The strait scenery is stunning marveling the visitors so that they undoubtedly like to sit for hours enjoying the scenery. Of course, do not be overwhelmed by this feeling, and do not forget to take photos and record the beauty of Shaddad Strait in the frame of your memories.

Best Time

In general, the best time to travel to Ilam city and visit Kafrin Valley and other natural attractions is in spring and summer. April and May are the best time to travel to this region due to its unique natural beauty.

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Where is Tang e Kafari, Iran's Phuket


Kafarin Strait (Shadad), 15 km north of Badra city, Ilam-Badra road, Badra city, Ilam province.

How to get there

All intercity bus terminals in Tehran have regular bus services to Ilam city. You can use different schedules of the terminals based on your travel plan.
The ticket price starts from 4  to 7 US$ (according to the quality of the bus).

You can choose one of the types of hotels or local ecotourism residences to stay in. They start from 5 to 20 US$ per night(Double rooms).