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Iran Dreamy warm destinations in winter

You know what? Some think Iran is a spring and autumn tourism destination and not suitable for other seasons. But they are wrong. Iran is a real four-season country with various entertainment and amenities for all styles. If you hate coldness or borid from snowy mountains and are going to find a warm dreamy destination for your Christmas holidays, Iran's southern Islands with marvelous eyecatching views are calling you. Persian Gulf islands with their suitable climate, unique natural views, eye-catching views, sunny and sandy beaches, and varied recreational facilities for water sports are the best destination for traveling in winter.
They are wonderful places with unparalleled potential in attracting travelers from all over the world. They have their own charms, colorful local houses/hotels or eco-lodges, and truly virgin beaches. local yummy things, folklore music, and hospitable people who are eager to do the best for you, regardless of whether you plan to stay or not. There are also highly recommended places for surfing, paragliding to look for dolphins, going hiking, going fishing, or even going shopping at giant malls.

Follow us to discover the best winter destinations in Iran.

Kish Island a Dreamy warm destinations in winter

Kish Island

The coral island of Kish, which is one of the safest Islands in the world, is known as Iran's paradise. It is the oldest and most beautiful tourist island destination in Iran.
It is the most important and luxurious tourist destination among the southern islands of Iran, which provides all kinds of entertainment and accommodation facilities to travelers. If you plan to experience a winter trip in a unique and peaceful atmosphere, By traveling to this attractive and spectacular island, get rid of all the worries and concerns of everyday life.
This tourist island is known as the pearl of the Persian Gulf due to its beautiful beaches and white and coral sands. Beautiful and unique nature, beautiful and calm beaches, different recreational facilities, diverse marine activities, and a wide range of types of accommodation have made this island known as the Hawaii of Iran.

Why do we recommend you to travel to Kish?
These unique features in Kish encourage you to have a journey to this island.
-Kish is Visa Free
-There's no air pollution.
-A clean and safe place for tourists.
-Sandy and the coral beach of the island.
-A tourist island with no traffic lights and Car horns, Whether you're walking or cycling you would be treated like royalty everywhere.
-Different Water sports such as boating, Diving, Paraglider, and Aqua park
-Kish island is the fourth tourist destination in southwest Asia
-Different attractions like Bird’s garden, Dolphinarium, and the Greek ship

What to try to do on Kish Island?
Kish Island is a wonderful destination for whoever desires to flee the cold winter to visit the Hawaii of Iran. This comparatively liberal island may be an excellent place to relax for everyone; thanks to that, it’s, unfortunately, a pity that foreign tourists mostly ignore kish. Besides, Kish has some unimaginable sights to visit, and some wonderful activities to do!
-lovely white sandy beaches below the palm trees.
-high water sports and activities
-Visit Greek Ship
-Visit the historical sites
 -Visit the Underground city of Cariz
 -Dolphin & crocodilian Park
 -Don’t miss Kish Island looking Festivals
Overall, kish is a perfect destination for several families as a result it covers any style of want from restful on the beach, to shopping all day long and having fun with water sports. creating kish as a trade zone, besides its historical sites and natural sceneries was a wise concept that has created Kish island a wonderful destination for many tourists.

Where to stay?
To enjoy staying in sumptuous and luxurious hotels on the beautiful Kish island you have various options. A series of different hotels(luxuries,5,4,3,2 star) are formed and lined in front of you. If you are tired of staying in standard hotels and want to experience the traditional lifestyle in Kish, a long list of cheap local accommodations can make you happy.

The best time to visit Kish
Kish has relatively warm weather from late spring to late summer. Summer, although a little hot, is ideal for sunbathing and spending time at the beach with its incredibly clean and clear water. From late autumn to early spring, the climate is cool and pleasant. The ideal time to travel, you can also try all kinds of water sports like kite surfing, windsurfing, sailboats, ... if you visit during the windy seasons.

Where to eat?
Visiting restaurants and gastronomy is one of the most important parts of the journey because you can explore the culture of the local people. Kish will offer you the best dishes in a variety of different local-Iranian and international restaurants. It doesn’t matter if you’re craving Kebab, local seafood, or international cuisine. There are always places to have them completely.

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Qeshm the Pearl Of the Persian Gulf a dreamy winter destination in Iran

Qeshm the Pearl Of the Persian Gulf

If you are going to seek both distinctive geography and a taste of what culture in the Persian Gulf, Qeshm Island is the best one. The Qeshm Island with 1,491 square kilometers is the largest island in Iran and is known as the Pearl Of the Persian Gulf.

Why Qeshm
-You don't need a visa.
-Qeshm is a duty-free zone.
-Easy and fast access to this area.
-The best winter destination in Iran.
-Various and different tourist attractions.
-You can get a taste of Persian culture and hospitality on a whim.
-Various types of hotels, eco-lodges, restaurants, and entertainment.

How to get
How to get to Qeshm Island

By boat
Bandar Abbas is a main big city in the south of Iran, so you can get in from pretty much anywhere in Iran. There are various ferries from Bandar Abbas to Qeshm Island.
A one-way ticket costs about 3 USD and the journey takes around 40 minutes.

By plane
Qeshm Island has an international airport with flights coming from cities like Dubai or Istanbul, as well as other Iranian cities.

-What to visit
You can spend three days wandering around the island. These are the top touristic attractions in Qeshm. The island's historical and natural views are so high that it needs a 4 -day tour program. But the most important places on the island are:
Valley Of The Statues (Tandis-Ha), Khorbas Cave, Qeshm Portuguese Castle, Laft Village, Hara Forest Protected Area, Valley of the Stars, Namakdan Salt Cave, Chahkooh Canyon, Jame Mosque Of Qeshm, and Qeshm Traditional Bazaar, ...

The most important souvenirs and crafts of Qeshm Island are a variety of fabric decorations - needlework - mat - pearl weaving and products with tree leaves such as Jajim, and baskets.

Local foods
Local and traditional southern foods are the most popular among tourists. Try a variety of seafood and local delicious and don't miss this unique experience.

The best time to travel
The best time to visit this city is Autumn and winter.

Hormoz Island Qeshm the Pearl Of the Persian Gulf a dreamy winter destination in Iran

Hormuz Island

This southern Island in Iran is known by different names like Iran’s Rainbow Island, an Island with edible soil. It’s one of the most colorful and magical islands not only in the Middle East but also in the world and is one of the most intact islands in Iran and is a favorite destination for tourists due to its breathtaking landscapes, and unique culture. While you're walking in Hormoz you'll see totally different shades and hues of red, yellow, ochre, orange, green, white, brown, beige, gold, grey, and turquoise colors. this is often why the island is additionally known as the Rainbow Island of Iran. This colorful edible soil plays a colorful role in all parts of people's lives. It is used in the preparation of food sauces, cooking, baking bread, local ornamentation, pottery as well as the production of crafts.

Why Hormuz Island?
-If you are a geologist, this is your heaven.
-Various marine activities.
-Various attractions all over the island.
-Various cheap accommodations at local houses.

Getting To Hormuz
This colorful Island is located just 8 Km from Bandar e Abbas and just 30 minutes by ferry.

What to eat?
The local dishes in Hormoz are the best and unforgettable experience for you.

If you are interested in staying in an eco-tourism resort and have a new experience of staying on an Iranian island, there is a wide range of local houses with suitable facilities for you.

The best time to travel
The best time to visit this city is Autumn and winter.

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Boushehr city a dreamy winter destination in Iran

Bushehr City

If you are interested in visiting a historic port city with an impressive beach, a calm and peaceful environment, eye-catching traditional architecture, and local & traditional markets with hospitable people, the Bushehr port city will be one of your best choices for winter vacations. Although Bushehr became very famous for atomic energy, the history and ancient architecture of this city play a very effective role in attracting tourists. Visit one of the most beautiful Iran coastal cities. Get a boat tour and visit the Persian Gulf. Also can visit the Museum of Anthropology, the Maritime Museum of the Persian Gulf, local houses, the traditional Bazaar, natural attractions, and dozens of more site seeing in Bushehr city.

Why visit Bushehr
-More than 9 hot water springs in the province.
- Numerous historical and natural attractions like Bandar Siraf and the Mond protected area.
-Bushehr’s souvenirs and handicrafts.
-The unique southern architecture is different from all the other cities.
-Jashak salt dome has been listed as a natural heritage of Iran.
-The natural park of Nayband, the first marine park in Iran.

How to get
Bushehr is one of the main and important cities in the south of Iran. Therefore, you will have various access to this city.

Regular weekly services will be the fastest way to reach this city.
Regular daily services from all provinces will be available for this city
If you are interested in traveling by train, it is a good alternative to road travel because it can reduce the cost of travel and is safer than road travel.

Where to stay in Bushehr?
There are a lot of hotels in Bushehr, but they are not really luxurious. Delvar hotel in Rais Ali Delvari boulevard and Pasargad hotel in Imam street are good three-star hotels of Bushehr.
But we suggest you stay in one of the local eco-lodges that are made ready to welcome the tourist. You can find a very suitable place among these local houses.

What to eat
Bushehr is a Fishing port, thus fresh fish is the best choice in Bushehr because you cannot find the delicious fish of Bushehr like Narrow-Barred Spanish mackerel, tiger tooth croaker, and silver pomfret, which are cooked by professional local chefs.
Other local dishes like Ghalieh Mahi, Fried fish, Mahiye Shekampor, Tah Andaz ( Bottom cooked fish), and Khoresh-e Gheimeh are famous foods.

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Chahbahar city a dreamy winter destination in Iran

Chabahar City

If you are going to find the hottest winter point in Iran it is Chabahar City. This city is also the coldest port in Iran among the others. Chabahar is the only oceanic port in Iran, just nearby the Oman Gulf, Chabahar port is the closest travel destination to Pakistan! The ideal climate and often vernal of this city throughout the year has given it the name Chah Bahar or Chahar Bahar meaning 4 spring. Located near the equator, Chabahar enjoys a pleasant climate all year round, which makes it a great option for people who travel to Iran in winter and autumn.
Chabahar port is a remarkable travel destination beyond the classic tours where you can visit a series of the best historical and natural places.

Why visit Chabahar
There are various reasons to travel to Chabahar, but the most important are:
-Different natural attractions like The pink Lipar Lagoon, Tropical orchards, Mangrove forests, Martian Mountains, and Rocky beach of Oman sea.
-The historical attractions like Jame mosque, Museum, Portuguese -Castle, Tis village, and Pirooz Gat castle
-Mud volcano, located southwest of Chabahar
 -The mugger crocodile, one of the rarest crocodiles
-The beautiful handmade souvenirs like Needlework and Golaabatoon Doozy
-Experiencing traditional fresh local foods like Konok, Beto Bash, and Shodudeh

How to get Chahbahar
Chabahar is one of the most important tourist destinations and the most important port in southern Iran, so you will have many various accesses to reach this tourist destination.

By Car and public Bus
Chabahar is the most distant city in Iran. The most famous road routes are Tehran, Qom, Isfahan, Kerman, Bam, Iranshahr, and Chabahar city. It takes 1800 Km and about 20 hours.
There are regular Bus services from cities to Chahbahar.

By Plane
There are several cities from where you can get to Chabahar by plane. Domestic cities: Zahedan, Mashhad, Bandar Abbas, Tehran, and Shiraz. International cities: Muscat and Dubai.
By Train
Zahedan city is the closest Rail station to Chabahar city because there is no train connection between Chabahar and other cities.

Where to Stay in Chabahar?
Are you planning where to stay in Chabahar?
You have different choices from luxury to cheap hotels. If you like to discover the hidden part of Balouch culture undoubtedly staying at one of the local eco-lodge or beach cottages would be the best election.

What to eat?
Trying the food and sweets of different cities is one of the joys of traveling and getting to know different cultures. Traditional dishes of Chabahar, like other southern cities of Iran, include various spicy spices that are influenced by Indian and Pakistani culture. These local dishes are usually prepared with a special combination of local vegetables - spicy spices and of course dates are used in some of them. If you love seafood, you will definitely enjoy a belly tour in Chabahar. Various types of local fish, shrimp, and crabs, which are cooked with the special skill of local chefs, will have a long-lasting effect on your memories.

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Parsian city - Hormozgan Province a winter destination in Iran

-Parsian city - Hormozgan Province

This city is located in the westernmost part of Hormozgan province, it is one of the most important winter tourism destinations in Iran with unique natural attractions such as shiny sandy beaches, boiling springs, and mild winter weather. The short distance between the high mountains and the sea, rocky and dreamy sandy beaches, green vegetation with diverse palm gardens, and recreational and spectacular ports invite you to visit this area.

How to get
There are three different routes to reach the Persians.
The first route (Bushehr-Asaluyeh-Parsian): You will drive 335 kilometers and about 4 hours on this route.
The second route (Shiraz-Parsian): If you are staying in Shiraz, this city is 400 km away from Shiraz.
The third route (Bandar Abbas-Bander Kham-Banderlange-Parsian): Parsian city is located 400 Km from west of Bandar Abbas.
There are various schedules for public buses, vans, or Taxis to Parsian city.

What to visit:
Parsian is full of natural and historical attractions and you can easily visit them.
The most important places to visit are:
Kushkenar city, Dashty city, Bastano coastal road, Shutariko Valley, and Buchir waterfall

Most handicrafts are made from plants and leaves of palm trees.

Local foods
Local and traditional southern foods are the most popular among tourists. Try a variety of seafood and local delicious and don't miss this unique experience.

The best time to travel
The best time to visit this city is Autumn and winter.