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If you are an Iran lover, Iran is calling you

If you are interested in different tourist attractions, Iran with the following features is the best tourist destination for you. Iran is the friendliest country on earth, a jewel in Islam's crown, and combines glorious Islamic-Persian architecture with a very warm-hearted welcome.

Persepolis the capital of Achaemenid Empire

In the Footsteps of Empire

Echoes of ancient civilizations resonate down through the ages in Iran. Some of history's biggest names - Cyrus and Darius, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan - all left their mark here and the cities they conquered or over which they ruled are among the finest in a region rich with such storied ruins. Walking around the awesome and beautiful ancient capital at Persepolis, experiencing the remote power of Susa (Shush), and taking in the wonderfully mense Elamite ziggurat at Choga Zanbil will carry you all the way back to the glory of days of Ancient Persia.

Tehran the capital of Iran

Modern & Sophisticated

This is your chance to get to grips with Iran's modern history, too, particularly in Tehran. Enter part of the former US embassy, now called the US Den of Espionage; gaze up at Tehran's beautiful Azadi Tower, where hundreds of thousands of people gathered to mark the 1979 revolution and, in 2009, to protest against the regime the revolution delivered; and visit the haunting Iran Holy Defense Museum to learn all about the Iran Iraq war that so traumatized the country. Tehran is also where you can take Iran's contemporary pulse at creative contemporary art galleries and liberal cafe spaces.

Naqsh-e Jahan (Imam) Square

The Beauty of Islam

Iran is a treasure house for some of the most beautiful Islamic architecture on the planet. The sublime, turquoise-tiled domes and minarets of Esfahan's Naqsh-e Jahan (Imam) Square get so many appreciative gasps of wonder, and rightly so, but there are utterly magnificent rivals elsewhere, in Yazd and Shiraz among others. And it's not just the mosques - the palaces (especially in Tehran), gardens (everywhere, but Kashan really shines), and artfully conceived bridges and other public buildings all lend grace and beauty to cities across the country.

Iran Hospitality

Redefining Hospitality

Across Iran, a nation made up of numerous ethnic groups and influenced over thousands of years by Greek, Arab, Turkic, and Mongol occupiers, you'll find the people are endlessly welcoming. Offers to sit down for tea will be an everyday occurrence, and if you spend any time at all with Iranians, you'll often find yourself invited to share a meal in someone's home. Say yes whenever you can, and through it experience firsthand, Iranian culture, ancient, sophisticated, and warm. It's these experiences that will live the longest in the memory.

Iran's Architecture


Church of St Stephanos, Jolfa One of three splendid Armenian churches that together form a Unesco World Heritage listing.
Oljeitu Mausoleum, Soltaniyeh A vast 14th-century mausoleum with the world's tallest brick dome is the most magnificent surviving Mongol structure in Iran.
Naranjestan, Shiraz Take the ultimate selfie in the exquisite winter iwan (vaulted hall), repeated ad infinitum in the mirror.
Mil-e Gonbad, Gonbad-e Kavus A soaring, almost unfeasibly bold 11th-century brick tower.
And thousands more

Iranian Food

Iranian Food

Ardabil is Possibly the sweetest town in Iran, famous for its honeycomb, black halva (pest'), and myriad confectioners.
Hezardastan Traditional Teahouse, Mashhad Fabulous food, a memorable teahouse setting, and live music make this the top choice for Mashhadis.
Haj Khalifeh Ali Rahbar, Yazd The mind- and a taste-bud-blowing array of Iranian shirini (sweets) is the best in town.
Fereni Hafez, Esfahan Fereni is a classic Iranian dessert and this Esfahan institution is so popular people eat it for breakfast.
Shahrzad Restaurant, Esfahan is one of the best places for a good dish.

Iran Food Tour


Treasury of National Jewels, The most beautiful and historically valuable jewels in a museum. Tehran Home to the Peacock Throne and a Shah's ransom of bling.
Isfahan Music Museum, Estahan Stunning new museum that plays to the city's fine musical traditions.
Carpet Museum, Mashhad Admire exquisite carpets while on a pilgrimage to Mashhad's holy shrine.
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran Striking piece of modern architecture housing a fabulous but rarely seen collection.
Or other Iran’s Museums

Ancient Civilisations

Sialk Hills(10.000 years ago) is the first urban civilization in the central part of Iran, which includes the oldest handmade clay, Painted pottery, and Sialk Ziggurat.
Shahr-e Sukhteh also spelled as Shahr-e Sūkhté and Shahr-i Shōkhta, is an archaeological site of a sizable Bronze Age urban settlement.
The "Jiroft culture" is a postulated early Bronze Age (late 3rd millennium BC) archaeological culture,
Persepolis The full glory of the Achaemenid period in one magnificent former summer capital.
Shushtar The Sassanian-era structures here include watermills, a 45-span bridge, and a cliff-top castle.
Takht-e Soleyman History's foremost Zoroastrian fire-temple complex is set in a high, lonely bowl of mountains beside a crater lake.
Ardashir's Palace in the South of Shiraz, Ardashir's monumental palace was one of the earliest Sassanian architectural triumphs and the most impressive of what's left.
And discover more

Village Life
Ateshooni, one of Iran's original and best homestays in the classic mid-desert Oasis village of Garmeh.
Tak-Taku Guesthouse Experience desert family life with Mohammad and his family in their atmospheric courtyard home in Toudeshk.
Bavanat Stay in a living museum of village life where profits return to the community.
Qeshm Island Experience the fast-disappearing Bandari Arab way of life in the coastal villages of Tabl or Shibderaz Or Nomads and another lifestyle

Getting Active
Alborz trekking Iran's best hiking with trails possible from both the Karaj and Alamut sides, Mt Damavand Trek to the summit of the Middle East's highest mountain.
Rafting Tours is the most exciting part of your adventure tour program in Iran's wild rivers.
Desert trekking Venture into the sands by camel or on foot from the desert villages of Farahzad or Mesr.
Rock climbing Tackle one of the region's classic climbing challenges at Farhad Tarash, in the shadow of the historic Bisotun rock inscriptions.
Horse riding, a never-ending excitement with Persian horses.
Other exciting tour programs

Grand Bazaar, Tehran

Bazar-e Bozorg, Esfahan Sprawling, historic and endlessly fascinating, feels like a Persian fairy tale.
Bazar-e Vakil, Shiraz One of Iran's best with brick-vaulted ceilings and a marvelously chaotic early evening vibe.
Grand Bazaar, Tehran Begin in the copper section, move on to carpets, and inhale deeply in the nut-and-spice section.
Bazar-e Sartasari, Kerman Classic east Iranian bazaar with commercial lanes overlooked by mosques and museums

Iran's Jews

Cultural Encounters
Kurdish hospitality, Howraman Valley Journey among the Kurds to experience singing and dancing in this ancient Kurdish bastion.
Zurkhaneh, Yazd Uniquely Iranian show of male strength with mystical undertones.
Religious pilgrimage, Mashhad Observe the passionate reverence for Shiite Islam that is nowhere more fully displayed than at the major holy shrines, particularly the huge shrine of Imam Reza in Mashhad.
Persian Food Tours, Tehran Learn how to cook Iranian-style and shop with locals to buy the ingredients.
Pilgrimage Tours