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How to spend a 6-day trip in Iran

Iran is one of the best destinations on the list of tourists every year, but many travelers don't have enough information about Iran's travel and still don't know how to plan a great trip. Even though Iran is an old tourist destination it is a new vacation spot, travelers still feel unprepared and have different questions. An organized tour is more comfortable compared to a private tour. Even if we pay more, the result would be more valuable.

How to spend 6 days trip in Iran

Iran is one of the largest countries in the world with an area of 1,648,195 square kilometers. This vast country with a wide range of different types of tourism can show its beauty and ancient history for days and weeks. Certainly, one-week or two-week programs are not enough to visit Iran. Some tourists have to plan monthly programs or revisit Iran to visit all the beauties. In this article and related articles, we try to introduce various programs for visiting Iran.
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Tehran in 1 Day

Tehran in 1 Day

Literally, Tehran hosts many different historical and natural sites, and visiting all of them takes a minimum of 4 days, exactly more than a day. But, in one day you can visit some famous places such as Azadi Tower, Golestan Palace, Grand Bazaar, and National Jewels Museum.

Tehran Free Walking Tour
How to plan a 6 day trip to Iran

Day 2 Tehran - Qom - Kashan (230 Km)

Your second-day tour is a mix of history and theology. On the way from Tehran to Qom, you can have a wide view of Qom salt lake. The Qom city is the most important religious city of Iran or the Vatican of Iran. A short stop in this city is worth visiting. On the way to Kashan, the Feen Garden is your first Paradise in the middle of the Kashan desert where you can see one of the most beautiful and historic Iranian gardens with its bittersweet historical events.
During your day in Kashan can visit the:
Old historical houses: Tabatabai House, Brojerdi House, Abbassi House.
Old historical mosques: Agha Bozorg and Jame Mosque.
Other monuments: Jalali Castle, Grand Bazaar, Sialk Hills
For your overnight, hotels or traditional houses/hotels are the best choices.

One day free walking tour in Kashan

How to plan a 6 day trip to Iran Day 3  Kashan - Isfahan

Day 3  Kashan - Isfahan (215 Km)

You are driving to Isfahan the most famous Iran tourism destination known as " Half of the World". A museum city with the most beautiful and mesmerizing historical monuments will fascinate not only you but every viewer over and over again. The most famous Safavid architectural monuments around Naghsh e Jahan sq include Ali Ghapoo Palace, Imam, and Sheikh Lotfolah mosques, Gheisarie Bazar, and great Safavid Palaces.
A memorable walk on the riverbank of Zayande Rood River with its historical bridges and an unforgettable sunset view will complete your Isfahan city tour.

One-day free tour in Isfahan

How to plan a 6 day trip to Iran Day 4  Isfahan to Shiraz
Day 4  Isfahan - shiraz  (485 Km)

Your next destination is the most lyrical city in Iran, Shiraz.
The city of the most famous Iranian poets(Hafez & Saadi), the most beautiful gardens, colorful mosques, and a unique Achaemenian complex "Persepolis" which is only comparable to the Acropolis. On the way, Isfahan to Shiraz a collection of the most valuable Achaemenid and Sassanid monuments, including the Naghsh e Rajab & Rostam bas-reliefs and Persepolis, are calling you.

How to plan a 6 day trip to Iran Day 5 Shiraz
Day 5  Shiraz

 Dedicate today to Shiraz.
Visit the unique gardens, beautiful mosques, traditional houses, Karim Khani Citadel, Vakil Bazaar, and Vakil Bath. At the end of a boring day, Get yourself to the tomb of Shah Cheragh or lord of the Light, chat with people, and enjoy the Iranian-Islamic masterpiece architecture.

Half a Day Walking Tour of Shiraz

How to plan a 6 day trip in Iran Day 6 Tehran

Day 6 Shiraz - Tehran
Today you can take a flight back to Tehran.
Due to your scheduled flight, you can have a half-day tour in Shiraz or Tehran.
In Tehran don't miss Saad Abad Royal Palace, Darband recreational area, and Tajrish Bazar, where you can find some aesthetically pleasing things.

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