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How to spend 12 days in Iran

Two-weeks tours (10 to 14 days) are the best type of tour in Iran. The short tours (one week) don't allow us to visit the historic cities well. But, if you are not interested in long-term tours or have limited time, these tours are the best choice. You can visit the historical cities of Iran, get to know the culture of the people, and discover the most beautiful historical monuments. This 12-Day is packed with the best cultural and historical adventures. This journey is ideal for the traveler who likes to be immersed in the faraway lands inherited by glorious Persian empires, visit the Iranian Palaces, green gardens, the mesmerizing architecture of adobe chromatic roof mansions of the dazzling Yazd, and finally walk among the golden sand of the desert. All Iran tour programs are changeable due to your request. Thus have contact with your tour operator to fix it as you desire.

How to spend 12 days in Iran Tehran

Day1 Tehran

The Capital of Iran
Most travelers stay in Tehran for less than 2 days, and even the locals recommend having a visit from the other historic cities such as Isfahan and Shiraz. However, Tehran as a cultural and historical center has various places and opportunities to offer. We would like to guide you to Visit Tehran in 48 hours. During these 48 hours, you can stroll, eat, drink, watch, and get to know the capital of Iran. Although it is not possible to visit all the sights of Tehran during this short period, you can visit the main historic and tourist places.
Today we suggest you visit the historical sites located around the traditional Bazaar of Tehran. They are a series of the best and most exciting monuments that will immerse you in the deep part of Tehran's history. You start from Imam Khomeini sq the first sq of Tehran that is the home of the first British Bank in Iran, Sepah Bank museum, National garden gate, Iran National Museum, Golestan Royal palaces, Tehran traditional Bazaar, and Imam Khomeini mosque (Qajar era) and finally, the Treasury of National Jewels is the last place to surprise you.

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How to spend 12 days in Iran Day2 Tehran

Day2 Tehran

On the second day, enjoy the historical and natural beauties in the north of Tehran. A light and short stroll among the Alborz mountains in the Darband region of Tehran accompanied by local athletes and a delicious breakfast in local mountain restaurants will be an unforgettable experience in traveling to the north of Tehran. Today, the Pahlavi family palaces (summer and winter) in the north of Tehran will guide you to the last king dynasty of Iran. Visit the traditional Bazaar of Tajrish, chat with local visitors, and sometimes haggle with the shopkeepers on the price. Imamzadeh Saleh near Tajrish Bazaar will be one of your best choices to get to know the religious culture of the people. If you are keen to talk with youth and enjoy modernist art, the Nature Bridge will be your best choice with a series of public entertainment.

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How to spend 12 days in Iran Kashan

Day3 Tehran - Kashan (230 Km)

The city of the first civilization
Today you move to first Iran's civilization and the deepest part of Iran's history with more than 12.000 years old history by the name "Sialk Hills". Feen garden with tall, green, and old trees is the first place to refresh yourself in the hot desert environment of Kashan. The Agha Bozorg mosque and a series of the most beautiful traditional houses( Broujerdi, Tabatabai, Abbassi, Ameri houses) will amaze you with their eye-catching beauties. You can visit the Jalaji castle (1000 years old) and waste your extra time in Kashan Bazaar with twisted alleys. Don't miss staying at traditional hotels/houses.

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How to spend 12 days in Iran Isfahan

Day4 Kashan - Isfahan  (220 Km)

Isfahan is known as " half of the world".
Isfahan is the most important tourist city in Iran. It will amaze you with the most beautiful historical monuments and artistic decorations. Isfahan is a live city museum of the most beautiful historical buildings that will enchant all tourists. Is not for nothing that Isfahan is known as half of the world. On the first day, the Naghsh e Jahan sq with its beautiful monuments is the suggestion of all tourists and tour operators. You can visit the Ali Ghapoo Palace, Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfolah Mosque, Qeisarie Bazar, various colored workshops, Chehel Sotoon, and Hasht behest Palaces, and the bridges over the Zayande Rood river. At sunset back to the Naghsh e Jahan sq and watch the people who have a picnic and are wasting their time around the sq,  and listen to the Quran recitation via the tall Minarets of Imam mosque.
For accommodation, you have different options.

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How to spend 12 days in Iran Nain and Meybod cities

Day5  Isfahan - Yazd  (320 Km)

A half-day tour in Isfahan can complete your journey to Isfahan.
Today you will visit the Jame Atiq Mosque, Vank cathedral, and Zoroastrian fire temple. You drive to Yazd, and on the way, you will visit Nain and Meybod cities.
The Nain Jame mosque (1000 years old) Qanat and old houses will enthusiast you. In Meybod city close to Yazd the Ceramic workshops, Narin castle, old Caravanserai, and Jame mosque are the best places to discover Iran's deep history.

How to spend 12 days in Iran Yazd city

Day6  Yazd

Yazd the city of windcatchers
A full-day tour in Yazd city registered as a UNESCO world heritage site will fall you in love with Iran. You would be excited when visiting the Amir Chaqmag complex, Jame mosque, old alleys with thatch tall walls, old houses, old castle, Khan covered Bazar, Zoroastrian fire temple, and the Silence tower.
Stay at one of the old traditional hotels/houses.

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How to spend 12 days in Iran Kerman city

Day7   Yazd - Kerman (360 Km)  

Today you move to the city of Kerman, the city of castles and deserts. Here you can visit the Ganj Ali Khan complex, Jame mosque, Jabalie Dome, Shahzade Garden, and Bam citadel.

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How to spend 12 days in Iran Shiraz city

Day8   Kerman - Shiraz (560 Km)  

Your way from Kerman to Shiraz is full of natural and historical places that will amaze all visitors. Sassanid Palace and Maharloo lake are our suggested places.

How to spend 12 days in Iran Persepolis in Shiraz city
Day9  Shiraz - Persepolis

In the Persepolis excursion tour, the traces of the powerful Achaemenid dynasty from the Indus River to Ethiopia that, In its heyday, was one of four key cities will enchant you. Visiting the World Heritage-listed ruins of the city also testifies to Alexander the Great's merciless destruction of that empire. Don't miss the monolithic tombs at nearby Naqsh e Rostam.

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How to spend 12 days in Iran visit Shiraz city
Day10 Shiraz

Shiraz is known as a city of Nightingale and Flowers
Shiraz is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran with great beautiful gardens, colorful mosques, old houses, and hospitable people that will astonish you. You can visit the Nasir ol Molk mosque, Qavam Narenjestan, Karim Khan citadel, Bazar, Vakil mosque, Hafez and Saddi great Iranian poets, and the famous Iranian garden like Eram garden. Don't miss Shah Cheragh holy shrine for a religious romantic place.
Shiraz has different options for dreamy accommodation.

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How to spend 12 days in Iran Qeshm Island
Day11  Qeshm

Qeshm the Biggest Island in the Persian Gulf
Visit the most beautiful island in the south of Iran and the Persian Gulf with its unique specifications. Visit the mangrove forests, eye-catching beaches, strange caves, valleys, and sandy & stony hills, most of which are protected as part of the Unesco-recognised Qeshm Island Geopark. bliss for nature lovers.

How to spend 12 days in Iran Hormoz Island
Day12 Hormuz

Iran has become one of the most ideal tourist destinations in the world with a collection of the most amazing natural regions. Among these natural attractions, the southern Islands of Iran have a special feature. Among the southern islands of Iran, Hormoz Island has become one of the most popular tourist islands due to various natural reasons. Visiting this wonderful island is one of the most fascinating parts of the trip, which eliminate by some tour operators.