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How to choose your Iran favorite trip

Travelers who wish to travel to Iran have many choices to visit. Iran has different types of tourism models due to special geographical, historical, and cultural features.
Iran is a vast country with numerous tourist attractions so tourists can choose one of the types of tourism models according to their interests. The most common of these models are Pilgrimage tours, Historical & Cultural tours, Desert tours, Photographic tours, Nomad tours, Ski tours, Cycling tours, Nature tours, and Mountain climbing tours, Trekking tours, and Silk Road tours.

Tourists in Iran

Of course, there are various other models of tourism that have their own followers in Iran. Some of these tours are ِِDance & Music tour - Food tour, Fashion tour, and Horse riding tour. These programs include 2 or 3-day trips, one-week, Two-week or three-week trips, and in some cases one-month programs. You can visit some cities (according to different priorities), historical & cultural sites or natural monuments. Of course, they are directly related to the budget, schedule, and taste of tourists. Are you going to book a multi-day package for your entire Iran trip, or do you want to plan and book Iran travel services to make it easier to customize?
The advantage of a prepared tour package is that everything is included like visa, hotels, tour guide, transportation, domestic flights, etc., and you just have to enjoy your stay. hassle-free travel. However, if you want to book your Iran travel services separately, we have some suggestions for you:

Tourists in Iran

Daily Tours

If you have a short travel time, or you have traveled with a goal other than entertainment such as conference, commercial and exhibition travels, and even if you are a backpacker and want to travel to Iran without having any planned tour packages, these packages are the best for you. They are daily tour packages in the different cities of Iran. You can add to or subtract the number of travel days of this package and customize it for you. These daily programs are prepared and offered with accommodation, transfer, and local guides or can be even given to you without them.

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One week tours

These Iran Tour Packages are uniquely designed for short-time travelers at the main historical cities with the highest quality. They take care of everything from the moment you arrive in Iran up to the departure time.
The best itinerary is 1 night in Tehran, 2 nights in Isfahan, 1 night in Yazd, 2 nights in Shiraz, and 1 additional day to have a flexible itinerary. This day can be assigned to a city based on your arrival or departure time.

Isfahan Naghs e Jahan SQ

2 weeks tours
If you are interested in discovering more about the rich history of Iran and visiting unique historical monuments, the two weeks tour is ideal, but you'll need to keep moving.
The best itinerary is 2 days Tehran, 1 day  Kashan, 3 days Isfahan, 2 days Yazd, 3 days Shiraz, and a few more days to have a more flexible itinerary.

3 weeks Tour Iran

For stays of a maximum of 3 weeks

The three-week tours are a great chance to discover many historical, cultural, and natural attractions all over Iran. You can discover all corners of Iran from northern to western, southern, and central Iran. It would be a unique experience a trip to Iran. You not only visit the historical sites but also would have true experiences of the Caviar Aquaculture Farm in the north, Saffron Farm, and Pistachio gardens in central Iran.
The best itinerary is the same as a 2-week itinerary and you can also add Kerman, Tabriz, Khuzestan, Kermanshah, and the southern islands including Qeshm and Hormoz your itinerary.

For people with more than 3 weeks of travel time

The best itinerary is the same as a 3-week itinerary and you can add some amazing off-the-beaten-track destinations to your plan.

Since hotel reservations are not online in some hotels and cities, it is recommended that you make your reservation through travel agencies. It is also not possible to book bus or intercity transportation services with international credit cards. Therefore, initial booking of these services through travel agencies is more reasonable and secure.