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Bazoft the lost Paradise

One of the most beautiful and unique areas of Iran for nature tours is the Chaharmahal Bakhtiari region in the neighborhood of Isfahan historical province. This region is one of the most attractive areas for nature lovers due to its special geographical features such as high mountains, vast plateaus,  and roaring rivers. If you are adventurous and an ecotourist, we have a special offer for you; go to Bazoft land. Due to its beautiful and fascinating nature, waterfalls and oak forests, wonderful historical monuments, and nomadic life. Bazofia is very beautiful and a proper destination for those searching for a special land and a place full of adventure.

Bazoft the lost Paradise

Bazoft district is an area in Kuhrang County, Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari Province, Iran. It is located in 190 km distance of Shahre-Kord, the center of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, and by the Shahre-Kord Masjed Soleiman Road. The name of this district originates from the name of a river pass through this region. Exactly, Bazaft is a roaring river originates from Monte Zard-Kuh and passes through Shahre-Kurd and Borujen Counties, and at the end reaches to Karun River. In its way  Bazoft River creates fascinating and alluring landscapes; it passes through meandrous valleys and forests and irrigate many villages, due to proper climate and vegetation, this region has always been the main road of a nomad (Bakhtiary) migration Nomadic Life: If you want to experience and touch Bakhtiari nomad life and enjoy their local foods, it would be wonderfully attracting to be with them during their migration time; because their migration road of Bazoft districts from Monte ZardKuh local people call this road "Mal Ro". The time Of Migration Is at the beginning of April and it starts from the Khuzestan plains and ends in the plains of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari: usually, migration takes about 15 to 20 days. During migrating, BakhtiariNomads pass through high and towering mountains and roaring rivers. Oak Forests: If You love ecotourism, you would enjoy the oak forests of Bazoft district. These forests were created by special climate conditions, and according to Mehr News Agency, this district has the most beautiful vegetation resources in the Zagros Mountains.

Zard Limeh (Boieneh) Waterfall

- Zard Limeh (Boieneh) Waterfall

Going along the river stream and enjoying hearing its roaring sound is one of the most pleasurable experiences that you can have on a trip to the land of Bazoft. Zard Limeh Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waters of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, and of course, our country Iran, that every year attracts many mountain climbers to this land. With about 50 meters in height and about 200 meters wide, Zard Limeh Waterfall is one of the widest waterfalls in Iran. In order to reach the waterfall, you have to hike a long road and it requires long and heavy hiking with high physical abilities and climbing equipment. There are two access roads to the waterfall. One is from upper heights and from Rostam-Abad Village, and the other one is from lower heights and from Gazestan Village. Both directions have the same degree of difficulty, the only difference is that the lower height direction requires equipment to pass through the Bazoft River.

Khodaafrin Bridge

- Khodaafrin Bridge

Khoda Afarin Bridge is located in southeast of Gazestan Village. Gazestan Village is located 140 kilometers away from Shahre Kord, the center of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province. This bridge was created due to landslides and collapses of huge rocks over the Bazoft River in ancient times, in the Persian language, Khoda Afarin refers to something created by natural forces which is suitable for human use. This bridge is the only road for BakhtiariNomads during their migration cycle.

- Dezpart Stairs

 Dezpartor Dejpart is a road that was popular as the Small Silk Road in ancient times, it was a very important road in different historical eras, and even in the contemporary time, it was used for different purposes such as economic, social, cultural, political, and military purposes. According to Imna News Agency, some parts of this road, especially its southern parts, dating back to about a thousand years ago. Besides, the historical site of Robat Source Spring which is located in this road has historical hills and Debrisofa caravanserai and also remains of the prehistoric period. Previously, Hamid Miralaie Prefect of Bazoft District, in an interview with Mehr News Agency said"spring is the touristic season of Bazoft district" and the region has a great touristic potential that requires Medias to introduce its tourist attractions. Tourists have a great role in the employment and income of the people".

 Bazoft Nomads

- Bazoft Nomads

If you want to experience a different lifestyle, the nomads of the Bazaft area are calling you. The soulful nature of the plains and mountains, along with a colored image of the white tents in Koohrang, in which men have passed away and beautiful women with colorful hedges and tall braided hair are working around them, take the viewer's heart to the party of the colors. Staying in a nomadic colored tent in the beautiful nature of Bazoft with simple and organic food, and watching millions of bright stars at night, is the dream of every urban tourist that comes true here.

Kooch or Nomadic migration

Bazoft River

- Bazoft River

The Bazoft River is one of the main tributaries of the Karun River. This river originates from the foothills of Zardkooh mountains 120 km northwest of Shahrekord and then flows to the southeast through the Bazaft region. With a 95 km length, the route of this river is located near the most pristine forest areas, which is one of the promenades of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province with spectacular natural landscapes. The constant water, steep slopes, and natural roughness along the course of this river have made it one of the most technical rivers in Iran for Rafting and kayaking so that professional and experienced groups can defeat this river.

Rafting in Bazoft

- Rafting in Bazoft

Zardkooh Bakhtiari mountain range is the source of the largest rivers in Iran and is one of the highest mountain ranges in Iran, which is located in the heart of Bakhtiari and in the middle of Zagros mountain. Some of the most important rivers of Iran like Bazoft originate from this mountain range. The Zagros Mountain range extends from northwest to southern Iran. This mountain range is home to the oldest Iranian ancient tribes. It creates the most beautiful natural scenery and has also gifted the largest rivers to the people. Alborz mountain range is the fountainhead of the best Iran central rivers as Zayandeh Rood River, Karkheh, Karun, Bazoft, and Armand, which are the best rivers for rafting. The single mountains in central Iran have created different rivers that have suitable routes for Kayaking and rafting. Due to the above-mentioned features and other reasons, Iran is one of the best countries for rafting.

Iran Rafting

- Iran Rafting
Iran, although it is a desert country. But due to the special geographic features and high mountains in different parts of Iran, there have been many long and varied rivers. These rugged water-filled rivers are the best place for water sports and Rafting. In these rivers, you can run diverse rafting programs. If you are looking for adventures during your trip to Iran, Rafting in Iran is one of the best available options. In addition to all the tourist activities, Rafting in Iran gives you the opportunity to have a real thrill. It is one of the most popular water sports in Iran. The months of April, May, and June are considered the best times to participate in rafting in Iran. There are many rivers that are ideal for rafting in Iran.