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Isfahan travel budget: 3 Days unforgettable trip to Isfahan, fewer than US$ 100

Esfahan: The most famous Iran tourism city will touch the hearts of its visitors very well. Embark on a budget-friendly, unforgettable 3-day trip to Isfahan for less than US$100. The most famous Iran tourist city Known for its historical significance and unique architecture is Isfahan. Isfahan is a must-visit city for travelers seeking an enriching experience. This exciting tourism destination has some things to mesmerize you, from Isfahan hotels to traditional foods and Isfahanian local restaurants, from Isfahan photography spots to local experiences, this city has it all.

The tourists will fall in love with Iran

When planning my trip to Isfahan, I researched Isfahan's guided tours and tour packages to optimize my itinerary and make the most of my time in this captivating city. With a focus on Isfahan cultural tours and historical sites, I delved into the essence of Isfahan’s rich heritage. Private Isfahan tours offered me a personalized experience, allowing me to explore the city at my own pace.

Exploring Isfahan restaurants and sampling traditional food added a gastronomic delight to my journey while shopping for souvenirs offered me a glimpse into Isfahan’s vibrant local culture. The Isfahan weather was pleasant, enhancing my overall experience as I navigated the city through various transportation options, including walking tours and day trips to nearby attractions.

Isfahan’s charm lies not only in its landmarks but also in the warmth of its people and the peaceful atmosphere that envelops the city. From Isfahan city tours to group tours, there are ample opportunities to immerse oneself in Isfahan’s beauty.

In retrospect, my short stay in Isfahan left me longing for more. The city’s allure and ancient history captured my heart, sparking my imagination and leaving a lasting impression. Isfahan truly is a gem waiting to be explored, offering a unique blend of history, culture, and hospitality."

One day free tour in Isfahan

Why Isfahan City Tours? Isfahan stands out as the premier tourist destination for countless reasons:

- Ancient City: Isfahan’s rich history dates back to the Sassanid era.
- Deep History: Isfahan had been the capital of different dynasties.
- Unique Monuments: Isfahan is home to some of Iran’s most beautiful and distinctive historical sites.
- Magnificent Wooden Palaces: The Alighapoo and Chehelsotoon stand out as the finest Iran wooden palaces.
-  Historical eye-catching bridges: The historical bridges over Zayand e Rood will fall you in love.
- Exquisite Mosques: With some of Iran’s most stunning mosques, including a UNESCO World Heritage site, Isfahan is a haven for architecture enthusiasts.
- Hospitable people: Hospitality is the brand of Isfahan City & Iran tourism.
- Delicious dishes: If you are a gastronomer tourist Isfahan dishes are calling you.
- Persian Gardens: Explore the beauty of Persian Gardens like Chehel Sotoon, calling out to you to experience their tranquility and allure.

This city is brimming with artistic workshops, souvenir shops, and skilled artisans, transforming it into a living museum of traditional culture. A Journey to Iran is not completed without Isfahan. However, Visiting the great creditable palaces, strolling around Naghsh e Jahan sq, chatting with locals in the Bazaars’ labyrinths, or an afternoon walking on the bank of Zayand e Rood river's riversides would be your journey's highlights.

My short and economic program helps you to visit the most beautiful city in Iran with the lowest price and acceptable services. My hotel was in Tehran city center, thus I had the chance to select both, South Terminal and Beyhaghi Terminal (Argentine Terminal) for buying Isfahan's bus ticket.

Naghsh e Jahan the Most Brilliant Jewel on the Ring of the Safavid ...

How to Get an Isfahan Bus Ticket?

If you are in Tehran, the bus terminals offer a range of tickets with different departure times. You can choose to search online, consult travel agents, and tour operators, or seek assistance from hotel staff.

Ticket Price. How much is the ticket?
Your Isfahan's Ticket would be US$ 3 or 4.
The best Buses are Scania VIP, MAN VIP, and Maral VIP Buses (US$4), which offer comfortable buses with 25-35 seats and provide a small snack package.

Difference between VIP buses and regular buses:
In Iran, VIP buses are the preferred choice for long distances, offering fewer seats with more comfort compared to regular buses. Regular buses, typically with 40 seats, are more common for shorter journeys or to smaller towns.

Tehran to Isfahan: How long does it take?
The journey from Tehran to Isfahan is approximately 6 hours, covering a distance of 430 km. To maximize your time in Isfahan, I suggest considering an early morning departure to arrive around noon, allowing ample time for exploration.

Are the Buses Safe?
Are buses safe in Iran, For female travelers or lonely travelers?
The police have taken extensive measures to minimize bus accidents. Regular inspections of drivers and their buses ensure a smooth operation for passengers.  Speed cameras and police checks prevent speeding. However, if you encounter a driver exceeding the maximum speed limit of 100 km/h (65 miles per hour), you can report it to the police, who will stop the bus at the next police station.
Police emergency call: 110

Isfahan Hotels: Budget Accommodation Options

When visiting Isfahan, you have a variety of accommodation choices to suit your preferences and budget:

- Luxury 5-star hotels like the Abbasi Historical Hotel are architectural museums with the best services, also the Chahar Bagh new-founded hotel with the best new and modern facilities is the best for an unforgettable stay.
- The lux 4-star hotels are suitable for tourists who want to book a value-for-money hotel.
- Budget-friendly 3-star Hotels: Ideal for travelers seeking affordable lodging options without compromising on comfort.
- Isfahan Traditional Boutique Hotels: Experience a fusion of traditional charm and modern amenities in Isfahan’s boutique hotels, offering a unique stay in renovated historical buildings. While some luxury boutiques may come at a higher cost, the experience is often worth it.
- Isfahan Hostels: Offers low-cost accommodation for travelers looking for affordable lodging options.

Iran Tourism Expectations vs Reality

My Accommodation

During my visit, I chose Venous Hotel, a well-located 3-star with a nice location to the main historical sites and Naghsh e Jahan sq. I booked the Venous Hotel for US$ 27(we shared the hotel price).

My Hotel Location:

I booked this hotel due to its nice location to visit Abbassi Hotel, Chaharbagh St, and low distance to the main Isfahan historical sites.

- Venous Hotel to Hasht Behesht Palace 800 M
-Venous Hotel to Chehel Sotoon Palace 1000 M
-Venous Hotel to Naghsh e Jahan Sq       700 M
-Venous Hotel to Si o Se Pol (bridge)     1200 M

This 3-star hotel with its nice location is the best choice for Isfahan accommodation. Although other hotels like Setare (3-star) and Piroozy(4-star) have the same location. Some 2-star hotels like the Partikan Hotel have very better locations and lower prices.

Isfahan Historical Sites entrance fees: How much do they cost to visit?

One of the most important parts of the trip is the entrance fee for museums and historical places which you should manage well. Museums and historical places have different prices according to their importance and prestige. These entrance fees are about $ 2. As it is not possible to pay with international credit cards, all payments will be made in cash for tourists.

Isfahan has some free historical monuments that you can include in your Isfahan tour program. Some of these free monuments are:
Naghsh e Jahan Sq, Qheisarie Bazar, The bridges over Zayand e Rood River, Pigeon Tower, Hakim Mosque, Chahar Bagh Boulevard, Julfa area, old Christian Churches, Ali Gholi Mosque.

Day 1 Tehran-Isfahan
I took a taxi to the Bus Terminal (US$ 1.5), my departure time to Isfahan was at 06:00 AM. I had a pre-booked single-seat Isfahan Bus Ticket. I had a single seat (my VIP buses had a row of single lay-down seats). The journey was smooth and safe, with the driver maintaining a professional demeanor and adhering to safe driving speeds. Periodic stops at police stations for speed checks and a midway break for refreshments added to the overall comfortable travel experience.
Upon reaching Isfahan after a 6-hour journey around 1 PM, I found various available local taxis for transfer to my hotel at the standard rate of US$1 to US$1.5. Opting for accommodation at Venous Hotel near Naghsh e Jahan Square proved to be a strategic choice, saving both time and money. Hotels in the vicinity of Naghsh-e-Jahan Square offer convenient access to Isfahan’s main attractions.
After a short break, my strolling from Chaharbagh Boulevard to Zayande rood River (you can take a Taxi for US$ 1) was a pleasant time, where I chatted with locals and enjoyed walking, and a nice sunset on the historical bridges completed my eye-catching view.

Day 2 Isfahan
Esfahan, the most majestic tourist city in Iran, will amaze you with its 17th-century architectural beauty. It is a vibrant city with hospitable people, who welcome all visitors.
I started my second Isfahan city tour with Naqshe Jahan Square. It was laid out in 1602 under the reign of the Safavid ruler, Shah Abbas the Great, to signal the importance of Esfahan as the capital of a powerful empire. This majestic square at 512m long and 163m wide, is one of the largest squares in the world, earning a listing as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visit the square on a clear day and it's a hard heart that isn't entranced by its beauty.
It was also a polo field during the Safavid Dynasty. This square is a collection of the best Safavid historical monuments that amaze all visitors. you can see the great palaces, mosques, and bazaars remaining from the golden era of Shah Abbas. You can enjoy local handicrafts and do some souvenir shopping as you wish. This sq is decorated with Imam Mosque (Jame Abbasi Mosque), Sheikh Lotfolah Mosque, Ali Ghapoo Palace, and Qeisarie Bazar, while the different shops with different hand-made souvenirs will fall you in love with them.

- Lunch-time: For lunch, indulge in Isfahan’s traditional delicacy, Biryani, available throughout the city for approximately US$3. Popular dining establishments and street vendors offer a delectable selection of Isfahani dishes to satisfy your culinary cravings.
In the afternoon, immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Hasht Behesht Palace, the exquisite Chehel Sotoon Palace, and the historic Jame Atiq Mosque, each weaving tales of Isfahan’s illustrious past.

Night: Definitely one of the highlights of my entire Isfahan itinerary was visiting Naghsh e Jahan sq at night.
I loved this place and the wonderful atmosphere (particularly at night) when a lot of local families come to socialize and have outdoor picnics or take a ride around the square in one of the many horse-drawn carriages. Don't miss Naghsh e Jahan Squars's picnic at night. A wonderful place full of extremely friendly and curious people who all want to engage you in conversation. I highly recommend it.

Day 3 Isfahan - Tehran
Morning you are walking in the Armenian area visiting the Vank cathedral and discovering Isfahan's Armenian people. The last place to discover Isfahan is the Zoroastrian new Fire temple near Vank Cathedral or Amena Pergic. It is 800 m from Vank cathedral where you can discover the Iranian Zoroastrian culture.

Lunch Time: I had a chance to discover one of the best restaurants in Isfahan. Shahrzad Restaurant with delicious local Isfahanian dishes was my best discovery in Isfahan(local people helped me).

After a delicious lunch, I took a Taxi to the Kave Bus Terminal. I back to Tehran (My departure was 5 Pm). I visited Isfahan the most famous Iran tourism city or live museum city with less than US$ 100.

My costs were:

Bus Ticket US$ 6
2-night hotel: US$ 27
Transfers from/to Kaveh Terminal: US$ 1.5
Entrance Fees:  US$ 16
Food: US$ 12
Total Costs: US$ 66

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