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3 Days tour Isfahan, less than 100 us$

Esfahan is Iran’s top tourist destination due to different reasons. Its profusion of tree-lined boulevards, Persian gardens, Safavid palaces, historical bridges, great mosques, and important Islamic buildings gives it a visual appeal unmatched by any other Iranian city. Skilled artisans underpin its reputation as a living museum of traditional culture. Visiting the great creditable palaces, strolling at Naghsh e Jahan sq, chatting with locals in the labyrinths of the Bazaar, or an afternoon walking at Zayand e Rood river's riversides would be highlights of your journey. This short and economic program guides you to visit the most beautiful city in Iran at the lowest price.
If you are in any of Tehran's hotels,  you can go to South Terminal or Beyhaghi Terminal (Argentine Terminal) with about 2 us$ for departing to Isfahan by local bus.
Your V.I.P Bus ticket to Isfahan is about 7 us$, and about 6 hours driving or 430 Km distance. We suggest booking an early morning departure to save time in Isfahan. you will reach noon, and would have more time to visit Isfahan.

Day 1 Tehran-Isfahan
You can take a taxi to the Bus Terminal (1.5 us$) and take a 6 or 7-morning departure ticket to Isfahan ( pre-book Tickets are safer). you will reach Isfahan after 6 hours, about 13 PM. The hotels close to Naghsh-e-Jahan Sq are the best options, you can save your time and costs. You book one of the hotels in the vicinity of Imam sq about per night per pax 30 us$. In the afternoon a stroll at Chahrbagh Boulevard to Zayande rood river (Take a Taxi for 1 US$) would be a pleasant time for you, where you can chat with locals and enjoy walking on the historical bridges over Zayande Rood or enjoy a sunset on the river.

Day 2 Isfahan
Esfahan, the most majestic tourist city in Iran, will amaze you with its 17th-century architectural beauty.  It is a vibrant city with hospitable people, who welcome all visitors. Your hotel is located near the historical monuments, within walking distance of  “Naqshe Jahan” square which used to be a polo field during the Safavid Dynasty.
This square is a collection of the best Safavid historical monuments that amaze all visitors. you can see the great palaces, mosques, and bazaars around there remaining from the golden era of Shah Abbas. You can enjoy local handicrafts and do some souvenir shopping as you wish.

Lunchtime, you can spend about 3 us$ on Isfahan traditional food Biryani which Is available in all of the city.
In the afternoon walking at Chahar Bagh Boulevard and visiting Hasht Behesht Palace and Chehel Sotoon Place would be so enjoyable that you never forget it.

Day 3 Isfahan - Tehran
Morning walking at Armenia area and visiting the Vank cathedral and discovering Isfahan's Armenian people. The last place that will complete your Isfahan Tour is the Jame mosque of Isfahan, a complete collection of Iranian-Islamic architecture and decorations.
After lunch at one of the best Isfahan Restaurants (Shahrzad),  take a Taxi to Kave Terminal and back to Tehran(Book the departure bus at 14-15 Pm). Now you have visited Isfahan the most famous city of Iran or a museum city with less than 100 us$.

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