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Mashhad-e Ardehal Kashan

Mashhad-e Ardehal
Located 49 km to the west of Kashan, Mashhad-e Ardehal is located in an arid valley, stretching from northwest to southeast and encircled by a row of mountains and hills of varying height. The village has mild summers and very cold winters. Most of its residents are engaged in agriculture and gardening; the main handicraft is carpet. On the road to Mashad-e Ardehal, the tourists may choose to stop in the village of Joshaqan Astark to visit the Safavid mausoleum of Imamzadeh Mohammad Owsat. They can also visit the village of Naraq and its famous mausoleum of Baba Afzal, a notable 15th-century Sufi.

Travel to Iran without Isfahan is not complete

Travel to Iran without Isfahan is not complete
The Chines believe, no trip to Beijing is complete without a famous Peking duck dinner. We say, no trip to Iran is complete without Isfahan. Isfahan is the most important touristic city in Iran. It is a must destination in all of Iran's itineraries. It seems that there’s something in Isfahan that makes the city so likable. According to travelers and tourists who have visited Iran and Isfahan, it is one of the most beautiful and most visited cities in Iran. In fact, the people of Isfahan are living at a live museum.

Aran & Bidgol City

Aran & Bidgol City
This small town situated only 12 km northwest of Kashan is actually the last important settlement before Salt Lake and the beginning of the desert. Its climate is much more affected by the desert than the climate of Kashan. It features hotter days and colder nights during unbearably hot summers and bitterly cold winters. The main water sources are qanats, the number of which, until recently, exceeded thirty. The inhabitants of Aran are industrious, tolerant, and self-effacing. The town's main industry is carpet-weaving.

Niasar City

The scenic settlement of Niasar is located 25 km west of Kashan. Due to its relative elevation and abundant sources of water, Niasar enjoys a refreshing climate and serves as a summer resort for the Kashan residents. The residents of Niasar earn their living by agriculture and the production of herb extracts, the latter enjoying wide renown in Iran. The village is especially beautiful in late spring when it is buried in the blossom of roses, from which the famous rose water is produced.

Qamsar city of Rosewater

The town of roses and rosewater, Qamsar is located south of Kashan on the slopes of the Karkas Mountain. A road to Qamsar passes through a fine Safavid caravanserai that has recently been registered with the Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization. A little before Qamsar, on the left, the road branches off to Qohrud. This small settlement on the old caravan route has a fine mosque with some valuable relics from the Il-Khanid period and a Safavid dam. With its refreshing climate and lush rose gardens, Qamsar is a popular summer resort for Kashan residents.