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Gonbad-e Qabus (Tower), The world's tallest brick tower
This tall tower is located at  Gonbad-e Qabus city, Iran, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since  2012. It has been registered a World Heritage Site, in the tower's upcoming 1,000th anniversary. It laid at the city center of  Gonbad-e Qabus with 72 meters (236 ft) height (including the height of the platform).

The baked brick tower is a huge decagon building with a conical roof. The inside of the tower decorated with simple examples of Muqarnas decorative styles. The wall is 3 meter-thick and divided into 10 sides, with a diameter of 17 m. This magnificent brick tower was built in 1006 AD on the orders of the Ziyarid Amir Shams Ol-Ma'ali Qabus ibn Wushmgir.

 A Kufic inscription at the bottom of the tower reads in Arabic:
"This tall palace for the prince Shams ul-Ma'ali, Amir Qabus ibn Wushmgir ordered to build during his  life, in the year 397 the lunar Hegira, and the year 375 the solar Hegira"

 A Kufic inscription at the bottom of the tower reads in Arabic      A Kufic inscription at the bottom of the tower reads in Arabic 
This Kufic inscription introduce the tower

A great and tall tower that is visible from a great distance in the government range of ancient  Ziyarid capital.A hollow tall cylinder of unglazed fired brick with two encircling Kufic inscriptions at down and above of it commemorate Qabus Ibn Voshmgir, Ziyarid ruler and literati as its founder in 1006 AD.
An engineering masterpiece brickwork from the early Islamic era. The tomb is fully constructed of fine-quality baked brick whose pale yellow color turns to golden by the sun.
The monument retains its form and design, materials, visual dominance in the landscape, and continues as a holy place visited by local people and tourists, and as a focus for traditional events.