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All eyes on Iran's Grand canyon

Standing on the south rim of the Shirz valley or Iran's Grand Canyon, I found it impossible to form any intelligent words. Words at all, for that matter. They were plucked from my brain as if swept up by the wind that swirls and dances around the canyon floor, where the mighty Seymareh River twists and turns on its way to the Karkhe River. I had the same feeling when flying over this World Heritage Site in a helicopter a few years later, our pilot navigating us just meters from the textured rock walls before landing by the river. Looking up or down, it is a masterpiece of nature and geography.

Iran Grand canyon

The Shirz valley is Lorestan's jewel in the crown, and there are countless ways to experience it. You can go white-water rafting, hike from the rim to rim, tackle the walking paths Trail on a mule, or stand atop the wooden bridge, a bone-jittering 112 meters long and 90 meters above the Shirz Valley floor. Just as spectacular is Shirz Valley, National Park. This place is a poster child for the weird and wonderful, with its otherworldly buttes, mesas, and dunes starring in like as many a Hollywood movie, from old-time westerns to Forrest Gump. It's located in Lorestan Province, and the best way to explore is on a jeep tour with an expert adventure guide or horse-riding adventure. Try, too, experience a traditional Eco-camp, a unique experience that falls you deeply in love. Walking through the strait and enjoying the beauties of nature is a unique experience for those who go to Shiraz valley. The sound of a river singing along the way relieves the fatigue of the road.

Nomad Camp

Iran Grand canyon

On the other hand, the generous hand of nature in different seasons invites you to taste the taste of grapes, figs, and wild pears. A guided tour of Shirz Canyon, also in the National Park, reveals a work of art: wave-like walls shaped by wind and rain, light beaming from above, creating a heavenly experience. More adventurous types can try canyoneering, go rappelling, horse ride on dude ranches, or tube down the River. Or, lace up your hiking boots - there are different walking tracks in Shiraz. The countryside varies from forest to desert to canyon and valley, with aquatic pursuits to thrill as well as on rivers. And then there are the cities.