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Traditional Iranian sweets

January 27 is International Chocolate Cake Day.
Chocolate and sweets, as one of the most delicious desserts and yummy snacks, have a direct relationship with the tourism industry, especially food tours. They are one of the most important branches of tourism, food tourism, and gastronomy.  For this reason, we want to introduce you to the local sweets of Iran. Food tourism is one of the most important branches of tourism that can be a good motivation to travel to unvisited places. Belly tourism or food tourism is one of the attractions of travel, which, while creating a new experience, makes tourists familiar with the culture, economy, history, and customs of various cities and regions.

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Yazdi Cake

Foods are a different representation of the culture and subculture of different regions of a country. Now, if you are going to plan a travel to Iranian, and if you are interested in food tours, Iran dishes & sweets are calling you. In food tour programs, you will not only visit the most beautiful historical monuments but you will be intoxicated by the smell of cardamom, cinnamon, and Iranian super high-quality saffron. Also, after a meal, these Iranian mouth-watering desserts will make your mouth happy.

Qotab and Baghlavs in Yazd, the city of sweet cakes

1- Qotab and Baghlavs in Yazd, the city of sweet cakes

Yazd is not only suitable for food tourism, but also one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Iran. This historical city with a collection of the most beautiful historical monuments and the most delicious Iranian sweets will be an ideal destination for all gourmand tourists. Yazd sweets with a secret original recipe, high-quality local ingredients, and the art of experienced confectioners of this region are one of the most popular snacks for domestic and international tourists. Among all the famous sweets of Yazd, Qotab and Bagluwa are more tempting. The aroma and taste of Qotab and Baghlava, which is a combination of cardamom, rose water and almond slices, cannot be forgotten. Yazd baklava is made from sugar powder, cardamom, rose water, almond slices, and pistachio powder, and finally, the syrup is poured into it, which makes the baklava more delicious.

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Qazvin and its simple delicious sweets

2- Qazvin and its simple delicious sweets

Qazvin is one of the historical cities in Iran with a deep and glorious period. This city was elected as the second Safavid capital by Shah Tahmasp (1524–1576). The history, culture, and wide variety of food products have made this city one of the most important cities in the field of food tourism. Professional chefs and master confectioners of this city prepare the tastiest Iranian sweets and desserts with their special recipes.
The diversity of sweets in Qazvin province originates from the customs and food culture of the people. Tasteful and artistic people who have made a name for themselves all over Iran with various delicious sweets. These delicious sweets will surprise every tourist with a combination of the best ingredients and aromatic spices.

The most famous sweets of this historical city are:

Qazvini tea bread: ideal for evening tea.
Qazvini baklava: different from Yazd baklava.
Paderazi: a tasty and delicious sweet that is eaten with tea and hot drinks.
Nokhodi Bread: a small, soft, delicious, and very lovely sweet.
Charkhi bread: the most famous sweet in Qazvin
And some other best sweets and delicious snacks.

Why do Iranian foods taste fascinate everyone?

Tabriz, Confectionery capital of Iran

3- Tabriz, Confectionery capital of Iran

Tabriz is the first Safavid capital and with a complex of the best historical monuments and a complete list of the most delicious yummy things is located on the top of Iran's tourist destinations. The city of Tabriz has many titles in Iran that has won in various fields of tourism, art, and food industries.
Some of the most important titles are:
The tourism capital of Iran.
The world city of Farsh.
The city of sweets and nuts.
The confectionery capital of Iran.

Tabriz, Confectionery capital of Iran

The old history of Tabriz in the production of all kinds of sweets, the high variety of manufactured products (more than 100 models), the variety of workshops and factories producing sweets and chocolates (more than 46% of the total products of Iran) undoubtedly has made this city the capital of the confectionary capital of Iran. The most important feature of Tabriz sweets is the combination of excellent food products with the best nuts and special spices. Tabriz bazaar is full of the sweet smell of various flowers, local spices, and the best delicious sweets that induce tourists to try them.

Among the Tabriz sweets the most famous are:

Baklava: Although Baklava is a famous sweet in Asia(Middle east & Central), it is very popular in different cities in Iran. In Tabriz, Turkish-style baklava is more popular.
Qurabiya: A delicious traditional cookie made of sugar, vanilla, eggs, and flour, finally is decorated with different local nuts. You can find this kind of cake in Qazvin city. It is the most popular high price food souvenir in Tabriz.
Nogha: An original sweet from the Middle East and Southern Europe that has also become popular in Iran. It is made with walnuts, egg whites, sugar, and vanilla and decorated with pistachio and almond.
Eris: One of the most famous and original Tabriz sweets made of pistachios, vanilla, sugar, milk, cocoa, animal oil, or butter.
Nougat: A delicious sweet with a deep role in Tabriz culture especially Haft sin table(Nowrooz), the celebration and joy of the people of Tabriz. Although it is made in some countries such as Italy, Spain, and France, Tabrizi Nogha sweets are found in different flavors such as vanilla, cocoa, and nuts, in which there are various nuts such as walnut kernels, hazelnut kernels, and almond kernels.

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Hamadan and the Vegetarian Cakes

4- Hamadan and the Vegetarian Cakes

If you are going to travel to the city of Hamedan the summer capital of the Achaemenid Empire and visit the most beautiful monuments of the Medes and Achaemenid periods, the delicious sweets of Hamedan would be the best souvenir for you. All the Hamedan sweets have plant roots and are derived from wheat, which shows the healthy and vegan diet of the people of Hamedan. You can try a selection of the best wheat bread flavored with grape juice or honey.

Hamadan: Beating heart of Persian history

Don't hesitate to try these:
Komaj bread: It is the most famous yummy souvenir of Hamedan, available in all stores. The original materials of this traditional sweet include flour, sugar, butter, cinnamon powder, eggs, sesame, walnuts, milk, and salt.
Angosht pich: A very famous traditional dessert made with Egg whites, rose water, sugar, lemon juice, and cardamom. The reason for the name of this white dessert is the way it was eaten in the past. To eat it, people put their finger in the dessert and then wrap the ring around their finger.
Grape juice: It is a sweet drink for daily snacks and its saturated solution is the best ingredient instead of sugar. Grape orchards of Hamadan province are very famous for their high quality.

Kermanshah the Land of sweets and lamb Kebab

5- Kermanshah the Land of sweets and lamb Kebab

Kermanshah province will not only enchant you with some of its most masterpiece historical monuments such as Bistun, Taq Bostan, Anahita Temple, and other historical places, but it will also make your mouth happy with its traditional mouth-watering sweets.

Kermanshah Brass bread

Kermanshah Brass bread: A traditional sweet leftover from the Silk Road with high nutritional value. This authentic traditional sweet is prepared with a combination of the best ingredients such as rice flour, eggs, sugar, oil, cardamom, rose water, and buckwheat seeds, which plays an important role in the celebrations and ceremonies of the people of this land. The majority of Kermanshah rice cakes are prepared with animal fats that it gives a very pleasant scent. With these tempting definitions do not forget to buy rice flour.
Kak of Kermanshah: The most famous Kermanshah sweet is Kak. Thin and fragile layers made from flour, eggs, cardamom, and cinnamon oil are twisted around each other and are tasted with powdered sugar, pistachios, and coconuts. Also, some sliced nuts can decorate it well.

Shiraz souvenirs and yummy things

6- Shiraz the city of flowers and nightingales

Shiraz is one of the main Iran tourism cities that is included in all Iran tour Programs. This tourist city with a complex of the best Iran historical, cultural, and religious monuments from 2500 years ago is so famous among all international tourists that no trip to Iran without visiting Shiraz would not be completed. Shirazi sweets, which are prepared from nutritious and aromatic ingredients such as cardamom, cinnamon, rose water, saffron, and various dried fruits, play a very important role in parties and ceremonies. Although some of these sweets are common with other regions of Iran, each region has its own special recipe that will make it different from other regions.

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Some of the most famous Shiraz sweets are:
Yokheh: A fresh flour dough that is flavored with sugar and cinnamon.
Muscati: An excellent combination of starch, saffron, pistachio, barberry, sugar, rose water, and oil, which is prepared in different colors.
Shirazi cookie: one of the common types of cookies in Iran, but with a different taste and recipe in Shiraz.
Herbal spirits: One of the most famous herbal drinks in Shirazke is presented in different models such as Orange blossom,  Musk Willow, or other different models.

Shiraz Falodeh

But among all Shirazi sweets & snacks, Shiraz Falodeh is a national brand that nobody can ignore it.
-Shiraz Falodeh
This sweet icy snack is so famous that all Iranian Falodeh is called Shiraz Falodeh, Whether you buy this in Shiraz or Tehran, or anywhere in Iran. If you are in Shiraz during the hot season, nothing can quench your thirst like Falodeh. A bowl of Falode can be tastier with some fresh lemon water, cherry syrup, or mint.

Fouman Cookie

7- Fouman Cookie

If you are going to walk in the 4,000,000-year-old Hyrcanian forests, eat Iranian super high-quality Persian Caviar and visit the 2,000-year-old Sassanid fortress, Foman city in evergreen Gilan province would be your best choice. Foman city, one of the green cities of Gilan, hosts the most beautiful village of steps in Iran and one of the most beautiful and unique castles of the Sassanid Empire by the name Ghal e Roudkhan( Roudkhan Castle).
You can walk in the tea fields of this province and try the real taste of Iranian organic tea. Fuman's cookies are your best complement for an evening tea. A very famous traditional cookie in the north of Iran and popular all over Iran with a mesmerizing taste and smell of authentic Iranian saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla, and organic flour that will make everyone fall in love with it.

Qom Sohan Cookie
8- Qom Sohan Cookie

Visiting the city of Qom the Vatican of Iran and one of the most important religious cities of Iran is an unforgettable experience. This religious city has always been respected by different kings of Iran due to the presence of many blessed places and prestigious religious schools and its proximity to Tehran (140 km). You can visit the historical and religious monuments of this city and learn more about the national-religious history of Iran.

Qom Sohan Cookie
Sohan Qom is one of the most popular Iranian sweets and souvenirs for the city of Qom, which is not only nationally famous but also known among all tourists. This special sweet is deliciously addictive and a perfect complement to eating with tea(instead of sugar) is one of the most popular traditional sweets and the most important souvenirs of Qom city in Iran due to its special characteristics and taste.
This highly nutritious and high-calorie food is effective in treating many diseases, including improving heart function and preventing depression. Although this product is produced in some cities in Iran, its main production center is Qom, and its secret recipe is reserved for Qom confectioners.
In Qom, you can visit between 2,000 and 2,500 workshops for producing cookies. More than 500 tons of Sohan cookies are sold in Qom every month.

Naghsh e Jahan Sq
9- Isfahan the last capital of the Safavid dynasty

Isfahan, the third and last capital of the Safavid dynasty, is the most important tourist city of Iran and known to half the world, and the most important tourism brand of Iran. No trip to Iran is complete without visiting Isfahan and this city is included in all travel programs to Iran. On your trip to Florence of Iran, you will not only visit the most beautiful and artistic monuments of Iran, such as tiled mosques, historical bridges, unique handicrafts, and hospitable people but the most delicious foods and special sweets of Isfahan. They will have a deep impact on you.
Delicious foods and yummy things encourage every tourist to make a re-trip to this beautiful historical city.

Why did Shah Abbas select Isfahan?

But among the different sweets of Isfahan, such as:


Poolaki: A great substitute for sugar in tea. It is made of honey, rose water, sugar, and saffron and is finally decorated with sesame, Pistachio, or dried lime powder.
Isfahani Sohan: Sohan of Isfahan, which is known as Sohan Asali, is different from Sohan of Qom. Sohan of Isfahan is thinner than Sohan of Qom and full of almond and pistachio nuts.
Korki Sweet: Among the various sweets of Isfahan, this type has a special place due to the artistic combination of different flours(Chickpea flour, Rice flour, and wheat flour) and the rich taste of aromatic spices such as cardamom.

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Gaz sweet

Gaz sweet: But among all Isfahani's delicious The Gaz is a white-colored sweet which is made with delightful core substances such as pistachio, almond, cardamom, egg white, liquid glucose, sugar, and Hedysarum nectar. It is the most popular traditional dessert in Isfahan and eating it with tea or other hot beverages is joyful. Gaz is also considered as one of the most delightful tea-drinking side-dish in Iran and its consumption along with other hot beverages is joyful.