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The History of Photography in Iran

The oldest photo of the world was taken accidentally by Josef Nicephore Niepce the French photographer in 1826. Six years after his death, a person called Loius Daguerre introduced the first scientific method of photography to the world and called it “Daguerreotype" after his own name. In less than three years after the invention

The History of Photography in old Iran

of photography, this new phenomenon was introduced to the world. The first photos based on Daguerreotype method were recorded during the Mohammad Shah-e-Ghajar monarchy in mid-December 1942 by Nikolai Pavlov the young Russian diplomat.

At this time pointing, Naser-e-Din Mirza the Crown Prince of Mohammad Shah was engaged in photography with enthusiasm. The growth and evolution of this form of art in Iran as a result of Naser e Din Shah's support caused the phenomenon to gain growing achievements in the preliminary years. This is evident because some functions of photography emerged in Iran at the same time or even prior to the other parts of the world. The special characteristics in Iran in terms of regional cultural and geographical features were appealing to risks and a good number of prominent international photographers, everyday lifetime, national and religious ceremonies, and the private life of royal families. Therefore, these can be considered to be invaluable and unique documents of 19 century for Iran. Among the prominent and important photographers during the Ghajar dynasty, one can name Mirza Reza khan-e-Richard, war Ghasem Mirza, the Austrian August Kereshish, Luigi Pesce, the Italian Facchetti, the French Callihan, Naser-e-Din Shah, Blackville, Reza Khan-e-Eghbal0-Saltaneh-e-Akkasbashi, Luigi Montabone, Joseph Papazian, Sardar Ali Khan-e- Hakem, Mirza Ahmad Khan Sanie'-o-Salntaneh Abolghasem Khan-e-Nouri, Nayer-ol-Molk-e-Hedayat, Amir Khan-e- Jalil-oMolk-e-Ghajar, Antoine Sevruguin, Mirza Ali Asghar Khan-e-Atabak, Rusi Khan, Mohammad Jafar Khane-Khadem, Gholam Reza Khan-e-Economy, Banu Ashraf-o-Saltaneh, Fatemeh Soltan Khanoom, Ozra Khanoom, etc. We appreciate the valuable contribution of the great artists who advanced the art of photography in Iran.