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Arthur Upham Pope

Arthur Upham Pope (1881-1969 A.D.) and his wife, Dr. Phyllis Ackerman came to Iran in 1925 A.D. for the first time, as the head of the industrial section of the Near-East from the Chicago Fine Arts Association. He was a renowned orientalist of Islamic industries who compiled six volumes entitled: "A Survey of Persian Art'. During his studies of Iran, Pope made twenty trips that embedded in him a love of Iran, a love he would never lose to such an extent that in one of his personal letters to the late Dr. Issa Saddiq, he expressed that Esfahan was where his most important work had been done and the place of his greatest happiness.

the head of industrial section of the Near-East from Chicago Fine Arts Association

He further specified that it would be an appropriate place of his burial, insofar as his own sentiments went; leaving all such matters to Dr. Saddiq. Pope elucidated, "the whole point is to show the Iranian people that great spirits, artists, poets, creative leaders, and scholars are not of such a quality as to evoke the profound admiration of a kindred spirit in other lands, who affirm their gratitude and devotion with more than words, and to affirm to visitors from other countries that one is not interred in Iran by the accident of dying there, but with the conviction that it is a privilege for those who understand and use it as a final resting place, as a witness to their faith in the land and the great personalities that have through the many centuries made it what is it and, at the same time, prophesize a more noble future.... I submitted my corpse to Iran's land for the sake of love of Iran and yielded my heart to Iranians."
The architectural design of the monumental tomb is a combination of the patterns of the Sassanid and the Samanid dynasties. Pope passed away in Shiraz in 1969 A.D; his corpse was transferred to Esfahan congruous with his will and testament and buried near the Khajou Bridge. Eight years later his wife also died and Jointed him there. A photo, designed about the late couple, as they are standing by their monumental and burying place.