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Giveh Weaving

Giveh is a light cotton summer shoe and a traditional and local shoe in different areas of Iran.
The mountainous area of Kordestan and Kermanshah with arduous passageways, a short number of machine roads, type of living earning that is affiliated to animal husbandry and agriculture necessitates several movements in three working sessions of spring, summer, and autumn. These movements require light, comfortable, durable, cool, and cheap shoes with production capability inside the area, urban, clans, and rural areas.
Giveh weaving, covering, and setting are the main popular and native handicrafts in Kermanshah. In addition to the Oramanat section where producing and covering outsole Giveh (outsole is old) is popular, Hajij and Noudsheh villages are recognized as the main old centers for producing such kind of Giveh. Giveh covering is done in two workshops and home processes. The workshop operations shall be carried out with different instruments required for sole production. Since the production of the sole requires high power and adequate skill and is considered as a technical and expertise task should be only carried out by men. Home operations that concern outside of the Giveh shall be done by the women and men and the required instrument is only one needle. Kermanshah is the only city being famous in Giveh produce in the whole part of Kermanshah. Based on the statements of the old producers of Giveh, produce of Giveh has 100 years oldness. This type of Giveh produce was popular for every age in the past and came to Kermanshah from every age and still is producing.

Four types of Giveh are common in Kermanshah.

1) Cog sole Giveh
2) Leather sole Giveh
3) Rubber sole Giveh
4) Silk outside Given
Cog sole Giveh Is a kind of Giveh toothed with Parak thread and have long durability. In winter and summer stick on the ice and stone very strongly and is effective for natural conditions of the area and type of activity. This kind of Giveh wove by three female workers.
One weaves around the Given the second weave outside of the Giveh and third weave the cord that is a complementary part of weaving.
Then by completion of outsole the women set the outside of the Giveh by needle.

Giveh the traditional cool shoes for desert

Leather sole Giveh

These types of Giveh gradually replaced with cog sole Giveh. A piece of buffalo leather cut for the size of the foot and the outside like the other Givehs in needle form.
Rubber sole Giveh. It was flourished for the use of clans since 100 years ago due to cheap and strong rubber outsole (cut from worn out automobile tires). The oldness of this kind of Giveh is older than two other mentioned Givehs. But since the insole is warm it was gradually stood aside.

Silk outside Giveh

It is popularized for 40 years in Kermanshah and is considered the gift of this city besides rice cookies. Outside of this Giveh is made from colored silk.
Presently since silk thread is not imported from abroad and its high expenses, Discos, Perlon, and Plastic silk threads were replaced with it. This type of Giveh has geometrical designs and is used mostly as home shoes. The famous designs are Termeh, willow leaf, under woven, strawberry, flag, almond-shaped, butterfly and pitcher form. The outside shall be attached to the insole by the embroidery needle.

Sales market
The main part of the produce is exported to Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashad, Rasht, and even to European and American countries. The only 1/10th is used in Kermanshah province and the main buyers are travelers and wayfarers. Presently 11 individuals take control of produce and distribution of Giveh in Kermanshah and cover about 2500 girls and women as a producer.