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The reasons that make Iran your next holiday destination

In recent years, Iran's tourism has been at the attention of tourists more than every time. The presence of tourism bloggers on social pages, the spread of web pages, the publication of positive feedback by tourists about traveling to Iran, and the extensive and continuous presence of travel agencies in international exhibitions have led to the further introduction of Iran into the world.
In addition to the above, the variety of different models of tourism, diversity of climate (four-seasons country), rich history, the extent of historical areas, the multiplicity of historical monuments, the mesmerizing beauty of buildings, and special architectural style with a combination of Iranian hospitality encourage the tourists to visit Iran.
The ancient heart of the once-mighty Persian Empire is a land of dramatic landscapes. A wonderful land with an ancient history, and kind and hospitable people.

These are very few reasons why you should travel to this beautiful land.

Iran at the social Media

-Iran at the social Media

Iran is among the safest countries for travelers and is not like the negative image, portrayed in the media. The tourists will testify to this statement, that the most common phrase you will hear while visiting Iran is ‘welcome to Iran’. Unlike what some yellow social media are trying to portrait, Iran is one of the safest and beautiful countries for travelers and it is not just an empty claim.
Almost all tourists who travel to Iran are amazed by the contradiction that exists between the real Iran and the media. I have heard from many foreigners that Iran is one of the safest countries they have ever traveled to. Once you are here, you will confirm it yourself.

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-Iran holds the unique and incredible historical sites from 12000 years ago
Iran's name has always been intertwined with deep history, myths, and legends as it can fascinate and excite anyone. Persepolis (UNESCO registered site) as the capital of the Achaemenian Empire the greatest Iranian empire (2500 BC) from India to East Asia to the heart of Europe. Iran is one of the most important tourist countries in the world with more than 12,000 years old history, more than 1000,000 magnificent historical monuments, and 22 monuments registered in UNESCO. So, if you are interested in Iran's history, culture, and architecture visiting Iran with twenty-two UNESCO world heritage sites is a must!

Nezam ol molk dome Isfahan

-You never see this level of architecture and art

Iran is a fantastic package of fine arts, unique historical monuments, and immaculate desert achievements' architecture. Different styles of architecture and combining them together is the most important element of Iran architecture. From the religious architecture at holy shrines and mosques (The shrine of the 8th Imam of Shiites), to west Iran's Christian churches architect, in the center of Iran, the breathtaking and complex architecture of Isfahan ends to the simple and popular architecture of Iran's desert, and altogether have created an amazing architectural pack by the name Iran's architectural.

Iranian Culture and Civilization, an Everlasting Attraction

-Iranian's variety of handicrafts is extraordinary

You can find the most beautiful and magnificent handicrafts and souvenirs in the traditional and authentic markets of Iran. Different cities and areas of Iran have their own handicrafts and souvenirs. You can buy beautiful ones in each of Iran's cities. Isfahan is a center for shopping but you can find the best silk carpet at Qom Bazar or Tabriz bazaar, as you can, search for the best Inlaid Work (Khatam) in Shiraz, Brush up on your haggling skills and enjoy this experience.

Hospitality is Iran's tourism brand

-Hospitality is Iran's tourism brand

Iranians have introduced a new excellent level of hospitality to the world. These generous and kind people readily welcome visitors to their country with open arms.
As a tourist, you will feel the kindness and affection of Iranians towards foreigners whom they consider "dear guests". Iranians like to welcome you warmly to their country. They may not be able to communicate perfectly with words, but they will surely demonstrate their willingness to make you feel right at home. you will probably receive an invitation to people's houses, to try a homemade dish or have a happy evening together drinking delicious Iranian tea. Human interaction is an important part of any trip to Iran and it makes your trip a more distinctive and unique experience.

-Iran is safer than you think

This phrase is the highlight of all tourists. Iran is the safest country I have ever visited!
Tourists are safe and comfortable all over Iran and enjoy their trip, even solo female travelers. People are eager to help you, it would be a matter of national pride. The water is clean and the food is healthy. Contrary to what the media tries to describe, Iran is one of the safest countries for travelers and that's not just an empty claim. While you are here you will confirm all of the above.

Iran Rafting

-Iran is not a desert country, it is a four seasons country with vast and green plains and roaring rivers

Iran with the various geographical situations from the snow-capped peaks at the Zagros and Alborz mountains in the north and west to the lowlands in the desert and from the 4000.000 years old Hyrcanian forests up to the dry desert plants will amaze all tourists. Iran has one of the most diverse geographical features in West Asian countries.

Iran rafting is the most exciting part of your travel

The variety of food in Iran is very high

Although Iran has been highly impressed by the culture of other neighboring countries. But has its own unique cuisine style. A wide range of different dishes for Kebab lovers, vegetarians, or even Vegans.  The high quality and special taste of the raw materials, along with the recipes that have been inherited from the grandmothers, have led to the creation of extremely healthy, nourishing, and delicious foods.
A wide range of different combinations of rice and meats or fish delicately flavored with local spices and herbs, more than forty kinds of wheat bread, a wide variety of fresh fruits and desserts made from cultivated fruits locally, and a delicious selection of drinks designed to enhance the dining experience. Traveling in Iran will not be complete except by eating Chelo Kebab. Besides, Iran is a heaven for sweet lovers. All cities have their own special type of sweets and pastries. So, be ready to gain some weight while in Iran, as it is really hard to say no to all these delicious options!

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Iran is one of the top 10 countries in UNESCO
-Iran is one of the top 10 countries in the UNESCO

UNESCO World Heritage in Iran includes 26 historical, cultural, and natural sites that have been registered in UNESCO World Heritage. This list includes 24 items of cultural heritage, 2 natural heritage, and 6 intangible works of culture and religion of the Iranian people. Also, a large number of sites are awaiting world registration.
Iran is one of the oldest countries in the world and the Middle East with more than 1.000,000 valuable historical monuments.

The diversity of touristic models in Iran is unbelievable!
-The diversity of touristic models in Iran is unbelievable!

What type of tourist are you? cultural, historical, religious, adventure, nature, eco-tourism, rafting lover, Culinary tourism, literature tourist, health tourism, Iran has something to offer. If you are interested in culture, for example, Iran will be your paradise. You will have the chance to meet several ethnic groups from Kurds and Azaris to Lurs and Baloch and discover their authentic customs. If you love art, then the amazing architecture of Iranian monuments, the incredible collections of its capital's museums, and music and cinema will satisfy you. For nature lovers, mountaineers and hikers, Iran has some of the most breathtaking natural attractions. If you are a photographer, I assure you that you will be taking some of your most unique photos in Iran!

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Persian gardens shiraz Eram Garden

Persian gardens will lead you to the Romantic and legendary stories
The old Persian gardens with traditional Iranian decorations and their unique architect and the watery system is a dreamy and heaven place that falls you in a part of Iran's 1001 night legendary stories. Although modernity has transformed the figure of Iranian cities, there are still cities and places that have preserved their authenticity and unique style. They freeze time with their architecture and their atmosphere. So you can forget the hectic life of cosmopolitan cities and immerse yourself in a different rhythm of life as if you were a character in a very old tale!