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My Trip to Iran as a Backpacker

After a long time of deep searching for a trip to Iran, I realized that Iran is a safe country for tourists, even US passport holders, and UK travelers. Thus, I set about my journey and Iran tour itinerary to Iran to discover one of the most beautiful countries and tourist destinations. I started my Iran visa process, and In 2013, after a long process, I finally got granted a visa to Iran. I got that visa in the city of Trabzon in Turkey. It was a one-month visa so we decided to milk it and stay in Iran for all 30 days that we were legally allowed. This meant we would backpack overland from Gurbulak to Bazargan, where we would arrive in Iran.

What to see in Iran Cities

How to visit Tabriz & Jolfa cities in two days

First Trip to Iran

What to see in the west of Iran

Kandovan Rocky Village: Iran's Kapadookia will surprise you

We started in the northwest of the country. We backpacked through the Cave Town of Kandovan or Rocky Village known as Iran's Kapadookia. In this nice volcanic village, you can see the most beautiful historical scenes, walk among the cave houses, or even have an overnight there.

Urmia Salt Lake:  A Salt Lake for Tourism Therapy

On the way, we visited the Orumiyeh Salt Lake, the largest lake inside Iran in the west of Iran. We were so engrossed in watching its beauties that we lost track of time

How to visit Iran month by month

My Trip to Iran as a Backpacker

Tabriz: The most Important Tourist Destination in West of Iran

Tabriz the best tourist destination in the west of Iran is Soaked in history and dotted with splendid vibrant historical sites and is one of the top tourist destinations in Iran, drawing hundreds of thousands of foreign and domestic travelers each year. Visitors have at their disposal tours to a rich, matchless patchwork of Iranian history and architecture such as Azarbaijan Museum, Arg-e Tabriz, Poets’ Mausoleum, Elgoli Park, Shahriyar House Museum, Municipal Hall, St Mary’s Church, Qajar Museum, Constitution House, Khaqani Park, and Sarkis Church just to name a few. The northwestern city is also famous for having a rich Azeri culture.

Tabriz Historical Sites

Why I suggest Visiting Tabriz City
- The most important destination in the west of Iran.
- The first Safavid Capital.
- The Bazaar of Tabriz is the world's largest roofed bazaar.  
- Deep History and unique monuments.
- Natural landscapes.
- Various traditional dishes and delicious sweets.

What to see in Tabriz
- Blue Mosque is the most famous one in Tabriz.
- Grand Bazaar.
- Tabriz Museum.
- Tabriz traditional & old Houses.
- Colorful restaurants with delicious traditional dishes.
Tabriz Famous Foods
Foods: Koofteh Tabrizi or Tabrizi meatball, Dolmeh with Grape Leaves, Carrot stew, Abgoosht, Ash e Mast(An unforgettable taste of a local dish), and kebabs.
Sweets & Candies: Eris or Ris a soot snack, Nogha, Qarabieh cake, Tabriz baklava, Rosary chocolate

Where to sleep and best hotels in Tabriz

There are various kinds of hotels in Tabriz and can choose one of them due to your budget and style.

Backpackers in Iran

Qazvin City: The Second Safavid Capital

Next, we spent our time touring the valleys in Gazor Khan where the Alamut Castle or Assassins Castle (Hassan Sabah Era-  1090 CE) with its unique architecture has resisted for hundreds of years against the government of Abbasian and the Seljuq Empire.
Why you should visit Qazvin
Qazvin city with its unique tourism specification is the best tourism destination close to Tehran.

 Why I suggest Qazvin City
- Low distance from Tehran(145 Km).
- The second Safavid Capital and a small model of Isfahan.
- Various historical monuments.
- Different religions and Places of worship (church, mosque, monastery, synagogue).

What to see in Qazvin City
- Qazvin Jame Mosque.
- Safavid monuments.
- Jews Holy Shrine.
- Amini House or Amini Tekieh.
- Qazvin Bazaar & Saad ol Saltane Caravanseray.

What to eat in Qazvin

Never miss Gheime Nesar the most famous Qazvin dishes. The delicious sweets of Qazvin with their unforgettable tastes will remain on your mind for a long time.

Tehran the capital of Iran

Tehran: The City of Great Museums

My next destination was Tehran. Some think this mega city is just a chaotic mix of concrete and crazy traffic. But, Tehran with more than 8000 year-old history is one of the oldest cities in Iran. You can find some of the most beautiful Iran's museums, palaces, Bazaars, and historical monuments in Tehran.
There are many reasons for you to fall in love with this historical city. You can stroll in the old streets of Tehran, talk to people in old or modern cafes, visit various museums, discover the history of the King's palaces, visit colorful galleries, and learn about Iranian art. These are a small part of the attractions of this historic and colorful city that will easily captivate you. Although some of these programs and places are costly, the free destinations of Tehran will also be attractive to you. if you ever go to Tehran and like some free things you can do these as well.

Why Tehran should be on your bucket list?
- Tehran the capital of Iran.
- All tour programs start or end in Tehran.
- Tehran has the best Iran's museums.
- The Royal Palaces will surprise you.
- Enjoy Tehran's nightlife.

Where to stay in Tehran
There are various kinds of Hotels, Hotel Apartments, Guest houses, hostels, and traditional houses for safe and comfortable accommodation.

What to eat in Tehran
The best economy, budget, and luxury restaurants in Tehran can offer you all kinds of Iranian famous and traditional delicious dishes.

Never Miss
Tehran's nightlife, street food, and walking on Vali e Asr Street should never be ignored from your tour itinerary.

Mashhad: The Most Important Iran Holy City

My next destination after Tehran was the holy city of Mashhad.
This is the most famous holy city in Iran and very important for all Shiite Muslims all over the world.
This magic worship place with sprouts and dazzling clusters of domes and minarets in blue and pure gold will mesmerize and amaze you easily.
It is one of the wonders of the Islamic world, and it is worth savoring its ambiance and glories more than once by visiting it at different times of the day.

why I suggest to visit Mashhad city
- If you are a religious person, this place has the best feeling.
- A masterpiece of Iranian-Islamic architecture.
- Various and attractive museums.
- Numerous cultural monuments.
- Numerous historical places.
- Beautiful nature.

Where to sleep in Mashhad
This holy city with a huge amount of religious visitors(Tourists) has different hotels. You can book your hotel for 10 US$(F/B).