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A better Iran discovery, with Audio App

The app offers a step-by-step audio guide through the attractions and allows the tourist to visit the site at his own pace without worrying about missing the explanations. As part of an innovative initiative, a private company in Shiraz, Fars Province, has designed an application that allows tourists to visit Iran's attractions on their own as it offers a comprehensive overview of the places in English on smartphones
"Iran Audio Guide" was designed by Shiraz Durandish Programmers Company for Android and IOS operating systems. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play. The first version of the application was launched in April 2017.

Users can download audio tracks from each listed attraction and listen to accurate and complete details about the venue. The audios are also available in Persian for national tourists.
The first two pieces in each category are free, but a full package is available for purchase at at 300,000 rials ($ 7.8) in English and 10,000 ($ 2.6) in Persian, payable via the payment portals Shetab and Web Money.
Soroush Ansari, the company's technical director, told the Financial Tribune that some stores had been set up in Shiraz, where packages could be purchased at a reduced price.
Tracks can be paused, rewound, and fast-forward, which is an advantage over human guides, as tourists can visit the site at their own pace and take the time they need to capture photos without fear of missing them. 'explanation.
So far, trials have been prepared for a limited number of locations, including a complete set of Persepolis World Heritage Site, Shiraz, and Isfahan attractions as well as descriptions of traditional Iranian architecture.
However, Ansari said the company was working to expand the lanes to all the country's attractions.
"Yazd, Tehran, and Tabriz are our top priorities," he said, adding that the process would take time because they would insist on providing accurate information and facts. Track content includes step-by-step guides through the attractions, stories of wars, victories, and invasions, information about kings and personalities, famous Persian myths, love stories, and techniques of the world. Iranian architecture, as well as gossip and scandals.
It also shows the location of the attraction on a Google map for easy access.
A number of tourism applications are currently available in online stores. Iran Audio Guide, however, is among the pioneers in the design of audio applications in English.