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8 Tips For Better Pictures in Travel

Ever noticed how some people’s vacation pictures are often an imitation of the postcards in different souvenir shops. They can easily buy at the airport on their way home? Whether it’s the Eiffel Tower or the Sydney Opera, or others, it’s common to try to capture those iconic images. After all, This is usually a perpetual imitation. By observing a few points, you can have the most beautiful and memorable photos.

Think back to your last vacation - what do you remember most? These famous monuments? Or the colorful Bazaars, the fresh cookies in the bakery window, the people sitting in cafes, the street vendors and buskers, the smell of the streets after a morning rain?

In your next travel, think “outside the postcard” and create your own iconic images, stories, and memories. Here are some tips to get you started.

1- Take your pictures with their signs. The name and price of the souvenirs, fruits, vegetables, or other local things at the market written in the local language, creatively painted store signs, a newsstand featuring local papers, even the city street signs will give your images a lively sense of place.

2- The presence of people in the photo is a local feeling thus Include people in your frames. Try to feature local people rather than tourists. Folks are walking in the streets, chatting with mobiles, having coffee at the outdoor cafe, or selecting flowers, if you have enough time, pick a spot and wait a bit. Be sure, Something will happen and a story will reveal for you to capture and bring home. The human element always adds interest to your images.

3- Take a photo story with a handful of frames. Start by taking a bird's-eye view of an antique Bazaar to set the stage, then take some close-ups of items for sale, people exchanging money, children laughing, the old man smoking a pipe. They are the travel pictures that will make your photo album more memorable and unique. They will be an interesting montage on your walls.

4- Avoid the normal and boring shots in front of landmarks. Instead, take nice shots of your kids while are eating the local cookies, dishes, or play with local children.
These are the images you will cherish for years to come. They conjure up your travel stories and funny memories, making you smile every time you open the photo album.

5- Resist taking those traditional postcard shots. When visiting a famous landmark such as the Eiffel Tower, try shooting a different perspective. Take a shot of the historical sites. Photograph repeated patterns. Create a new thing with a story! Shooting lots of architectural details will nicely complement any traditional picture of those famous landmarks in your photo album.

6- Taking photos of food dishes is very interesting. Select a table by the window at the restaurant, and turn off that awful flash. Shoot the local cuisine, put it in your Insta and then enjoy your meal!

7- Choose new themes every day. It helps you stay focused - no pun intended - and you won't feel so overwhelmed trying to grab it all in one day. Don't hesitate to change the theme if you discover something more interesting. Hey, it's your race! So, if you are photographing architectural details in Rome and the perfect street scene catches your eye, photograph it too. I mean, when you discover a new place, you can't absorb it all in a few days. Plus, if you do, you won't come across boring photos or anything.

8- You are not a professional photographer. Thus, carry just one camera and one lens. Because your attractive event will be when changing the lenses. Every time you change your lens outdoors, the dust gets on the sensor and, it is hard to clean them.

To get a real feel for a new travel destination and capture it through your lens, let your senses be your guide.