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Journey through the cliffs

Journey through the cliffs
Decoding Iran's open Books
Iran is the birthplace of some of the most ancient civilizations with a rich history and precious heritage. Without a doubt, the most celebrated and valuable element of Iranian heritage, among other ancient artifacts ornamenting the prestigious museums and intuitions worldwide, are the tablets and inscriptions discovered in the Iran plateau. The unique significance of these inscriptions comes from their primary purpose to outlast their creators and deliver a message to future generations

Here Is The dish

Here's The dish
Give Your Taste Buds a Persian Adventure
A four-season country with a variety of cuisines that is second to none is still very much underestimated when it comes to food. Tourists are yet leaving Iran without a clear understanding of Persian gastronomy or any idea of all the ingredients unique to this part of the world. The concept of food tourism in Iran is still going through its early days. Iranians living abroad need to put a little effort in introducing our esoteric food so that it could be the new "Chinese food" in way of popularity; only with a bit more color and that extra hint of saffron.

Most famous Iranian gardens

Most famous Iranian gardens
Persian garden style is a  unique model of Iranian architecture, that they have invented for making gardens and palaces. This style of garden with beautiful design and caressing eyes is a symbol of the Iranian deep architecture, history, and culture. In Iranian gardens, plants, flowers, running water, and mansions are part of the beauty of this type of garden, which is taken from a masterful and regular design.  They have created enduring collections throughout history. So that, this architecture and structure were recorded at the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

10 mysterious castles of Iran

10 Iran's mysterious castles
Iran is a land that has always been attacked by enemies throughout history, which is why the forts have a special place in the country. The castles that have stood in the tumultuous history of this land and are now recorded as part of the history. Strong fortresses that contain thousands of secrets and mysteries. There are many castles in Iran, each of which dates back to a certain period and is scattered in cities and villages across the country. Each of them has its own beauty.

Top 10 oldest mosques in Iran

Top 10 oldest mosques in Iran
After the rise of Islam in Saudi Arabia and its subsequent influence in Iran, it gradually spread throughout the Middle East and parts of Europe and as far as Spain.
One of the most important and significant Islamic buildings was the mosques that were built in every city. The original style of Arab mosques had a simple plan, but with the spread of Islam in Iran and the influence of Iranian architecture in the design of mosques, a new type of mosques was created called Iranian-Islamic mosques.