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Shah Abulqasem Boutique Hotel

Definitely, a trip to Yazd is not completed without staying in one of the old houses/hotels. Where you will not only get acquainted with the deep global of Yazd architecture but also understand the spirit of Iranian hospitality. An old house with Iranian and traditional architectural features that have changed into a beautiful and dreamy hotel and would be your host in the historic city of Yazd. So do not miss this opportunity. This old hotel, like other old traditional houses located in the oldest part of Yazd city, the Fahadan quarter.
The hotel is known as Malekzade House and the construction dates back to the Qajar era. After some renovations, the house started to be a traditional boutique hotel (since 2019) which includes 2 floors and 17 traditional rooms.
The hotel is conveniently close to Alexander Prison, Twelve Emam Tomb, Lariha House, and Tehraniha house (changed to Fahadan Museum Hotel). A 10-minute walk to the Jame Mosque and a 25-minute walk to Amir Chaqmaq Complex, Water Museum, and Saheb Al- zaman Zurkhane show how convenient the location is.

Hotel Facilities

you live like a local and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the hotel while you're at the hotel. The elegant yard and long blue pool in the middle can refresh your busy mind and rejuvenate your spirit. Spend some time in the lovely yard with a blue pool, enjoy unique nightlife with a million stars over your head, and the nice lighting of the hotel.
Our restaurant will offer you a wide range of Persian dishes, where you can taste them and enjoy them while you are chatting with family and friends.
After a delicious dinner, our small coffee shop inside the hotel offers cold or hot drinks.
If you are interested to continue your chatting under a sky with millions of stars, our roof would be the best one. If you be on the roof before sunset, definitely brings you the chance to watch a spectacular sunset.
The 24/H reception with bilingual staff and expert personnel is always ready to host the guests warmly. The neat ambiance, professional staff, and reasonable price assure you about choosing Shah Abulqasem Boutique Hotel.


The rooms have traditionally decorated while having modern facilities. The rooms are in different types and equipped with a TV, refrigerator, modern toiletries, and free limited internet access. One of the charms of this magnificent building is a true arched adornment and an eye-catching mirror room or Panjdari room with mirrors and colored glass.

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