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KheshtoKhatereh Hotel
An old Qajar house in the old Zoroastrian neighborhoods. The city of Yazd with a collection of old beautiful houses is the Paradise of Iranian old traditional houses. You can stay at these hotels and enjoy the comfort and dreamy accommodation while you Immerse yourself in the history and culture of Yazd architect. The KheshtoKhatereh is one of the houses that present you all you desire from a historical hotel/house.
Our unique location in the heart of Yazd city allows and encourages you to walk for visiting the historical sites. We are just 50M from Rostam Give water store, 650 M from Zoroastrian Fire temple, 800 M from Amir Chaqmaq Sq, 1200 M Bazaar, 1800 M Jame mosque, and very close to other museums, thus you not only enjoy your walking but also save your transportation costs.
KheshtoKhatereh means “Adobe & Memory” in English.

Hotel Amenities
Our hotel structures and adobe walls with traditional Yazdi architectural stucco, paving stones with old brickwork, wooden doors, and windows with colored glass With professional staff and 24/H reception with expert staff, traditional lobby, and different restaurant and coffee shop are among the features of this traditional building.
Our different parts of the hotel like a backyard and another courtyard with a summer hall and a turquoise pond, as well as a basement, a sack of wheat, and a shed, will lead you to the old-time and you can their old lifestyle. You can spend your time on the roof of the hotel and enjoy the nice view of the city from the hotel's dome-shaped roof includes the old Zoroastrian fire temple, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, and windsurfers and minarets of the Yazd mosques.

Room Facilities
We have 13 rooms, all have their traditional architect, decorated with the beautiful colored sash, and have a view of the Yard. These rooms are renovated and equipped with new and modern facilities. They have a separate bathroom and toilet, air conditioner, and beds with medical mattresses, Tv, free high-speed WIFI.
All rooms have free and fresh daily breakfast, tea, and transfer from to the hotel.

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