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Arash Kamangir
Tour & Travel Agency Co. Ltd,
Active for many years in the tourism sector for travel enthusiasts and those who want to spend all their time in the serenity and the discovery of the new world, It is an expert company, Ms. Soheila Pirmoradian, partner, M Shahab Shafieyoun have gained experience in this field for over 15 years.
The previous experience and expertise in tourism allow us to look further and allow us to plan large areas of intervention at national and international level. Arash Kamangir is gaining a good reputation by developing ideas that transform society into a multifunctional space, a social, cultural and entertainment laboratory. The magic of meeting with all kinds of people, the color of friendship, the pleasure of being good are our main vocation, our mission of every day.


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unit 6. 3th floor. No.73 ,Qeytarieh Mall,Qeytarieh Blvd ,Tehran,Iran