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Although Iran is a country that is located in a desert area,but the special geographic location and the high mountain range have led to the creation of rivers in various parts of Iran. If you are looking for adventures during your trip, Rafting in Iran is one of the best available options .





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Naqsh-e Rustam

Naqsh-e Rustam is an ancient necropolis located about 12 km northwest of Persepolis, in Fars Province, Iran,

Tourists say about Iran

A motorcycling adventure across Iran:

A motorcycling adventure across Iran:

'the standout attraction is the people' I Ride a trail bike 3,000 miles in Iran.I saw the warmest hospitality in Iran. Iran is a country that You "should go, should visit".

Iran a perfect country

Iran a perfect country

Iran is a perfect destination for tourists. The first factor that we would like to mention is the Iranian culture. They have this belief that the guests are God’s loved ones, so they should be respected and loved.

As an American tourist in Iran

As an American tourist in Iran

Traveling to Iran as an American citizen may sound complicated and dangerous. It’s not. There are currently no restrictions on American citizens visiting Iran as tourists.

Iran, a cultural country

Iran, a cultural country

Iranians are well-known for their cultural heritage and hospitality throughout the world as explicitly reflected in the books and manuscripts of famous travellers and tourists.

Where To Stay in IRAN

One of the most important parts of travel is accommodation Travelers on their trip to Iran can have a wide variety of hotels. Thousands of different models of hotels are currently available all over Iran. Choosing your favorite hotel in Iran, you face a wide range of services and styles, from new-built modern hotels to outstanding traditional ones. Hotels in Iran are classified into 2 major categories. Traditional hotels: which make truly a memorable accommodation for you Modern hotels: like all the standard hotels in the world

A cool Paradise in the hot summer of Iran
In the hot summer season and the warm days, we have to travel to areas that have both beautiful and spectacular attractions, and a pleasant, cool climate to enjoy our trip. The lush green area of Ramsar is one of the destinations that tourists choose for its beautiful and enchanting forests and the silence, and tranquility that dominate the area. So, in this article, we travel to the village of Janet Roudbar one of the countrysides of Ramsar city on the west side of Mazandaran Province.

Ramsar City Mazandaran Province - Iran

Janat Roudbar village is a rural district in the central part of Ramsar city in Mazandaran province. Jannat Rudbar is a very beautiful and attractive area that is considered one of the most important tourist areas of Ramsar. The Jantar Rudbar villages such as Akrasan, Chuck, Chart, Nakhdar, Isaki, and Girrud are beautiful and have pleasant weather. The waterfalls of the Jannat Roudbar area include Siasart Waterfall, Azarak Waterfall, Husseinieh Waterfall, Chardar Waterfall, Kisha Waterfall, Rasish Bazar Waterfall, and Hasyan Waterfall.

Ramsar Hotel Mazandaran Province - Iran

Jannat Roudbar is definitely one of the most beautiful areas in the city of Ramsar that its beautiful landscapes and fantastic views are famous for every tourist and passenger who has stepped into this region of the country even for the first time. Jannat Rudbar, also known as the “Bullfightland", is one of the most fascinating and spectacular areas known as one of the most important and popular tourist destinations in Ramsar. Also, the presence of waterfalls in Janat Roudbar such as Azarak waterfall, Hosseiniyeh waterfall, Chardar, Disha, Rish, and Hessian, has put this tourist area on the list of the most popular tourist destinations in the northern part of the country. An area of massive forests, fields, and natural landscapes alongside the thick fog in the Janat Roudbarvillage is one of the o characteristics of this region. In the summer, the trip to this lush green area and its airy weather is definitely enjoyable.

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Ramsar Hotel View Mazandaran Province - Iran

And you will have many pictures of the scenery, forests and beautiful fortresses And along the path, you will climb mountains and you will enjoy plenty of plains. Even you can spend the night at Bungalows or in the heart of nature. Along the way of Jannat Rudbar, you will see some of these waterfalls, one of the places where you can sit for hours and enjoy the beauty of its waterfall and coolness. Janat Rudbar is the mountainous weather. One of the Mountainous weather features is cold weather in winter and it is temperate and pleasant weather in the summer. So that the difference in temperature between the night and day is very high. Because of the relative humidity of the air, the sun shines vertically in the summer and the air is warmed up early, but as soon as the sun sets in, it cools everywhere, The people of Ramsar travel through the warm summer season to Jannat Rudbar and enjoys the cool and calm weather in the area. Janat Roudbar is bounded to the north by the Dalakhani forest, the plain section, and the hard-headed village, from the east to the Gilijan village and Dohezar, from the south to the Rashzar River, and from the west to the forest and rangeland areas of Javaherdeh. Janat Roudbar village consists of 59 villages, gardens, and environs.

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